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There were a lot of comments on my last blog entry for this site, relative to the normal amount these posts receive. (“The What-ness, part 2: Choose what to lose”, can be read at The post was about avoiding easy clichés and sterile recounting in your travel writing, and putting in the effort to drill down into the core experience and character of the place.

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Preparing for the unexpected responses to your travel news

As I’ve made final preparations for my backpacking trip the past few months, I’ve come to realize there was one thing I completely underestimated: The act of telling people of my plans and dealing with their reactions is much more time-consuming and emotionally exhausting than expected.

Even more surprising was that this happened in different ways than I’d anticipated – the reactions I imagined actually never came true, and the reactions I never expected happened … Read more »

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The latest reader feedback on Vagabonding

One of the coolest things about writing a book is hearing back from the folks who read it and took its message to heart. Based on recent reader emails, here are some reasons why people are finding Vagabonding useful and inspiring:

To spark a personal urge to drop it all and hit the road

“Read Vagabonding. Quitting my dreamless job as a mail carrier, finding new homes for my dogs, renting out my house, … Read more »

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Some new feedback from Vagabonding readers

Every so often I share outtakes from letters and messages readers have sent me. From a recent sampling of emails, here are some of the ways Vagabonding has encouraged people:

To stop putting off lifelong travel ambitions

“I’m 31 and just planning to start my solo travels in January. A lifetime ambition that I have been, for a variety of reasons, putting off. Your book has inspired me to take action and finally stop … Read more »

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Some recent reader feedback on Vagabonding

Though I’ve spent recent months promoting my new book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, I continue to get plenty of feedback for my first book. Here are some recent outtakes of reader emails about Vagabonding, and how people are finding it useful in their own lives:

As a “little kick in the pants” to hit the road

“I wanted to thank you for writing that wonderful book. The desire was always there, and … Read more »

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New praise and feedback from Vagabonding readers

As of next month, Vagabonding will have been out for five years — and emails continue to arrive from readers who’ve found inspiration in its pages. Here, arranged by theme, are a few outtakes from folks who’ve found the book useful for their life travels:

For making long-term travel a realistic goal

“I read Vagabonding for the first time a few years ago and wanted to finally write and thank you for your wonderful … Read more »

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