Some new feedback from Vagabonding readers

Every so often I share outtakes from letters and messages readers have sent me. From a recent sampling of emails, here are some of the ways Vagabonding has encouraged people:

To stop putting off lifelong travel ambitions

“I’m 31 and just planning to start my solo travels in January. A lifetime ambition that I have been, for a variety of reasons, putting off. Your book has inspired me to take action and finally stop procrastinating. More importantly, you have eased some fears and given me confidence. I have spoken to many ‘travelers’ over the years but none have provided the grass roots insight and wisdom that you so naturally convey.”

To feel less alone in the urge to travel

“My husband and I have been talking about traveling since we met, and we’ve been saving a little here and there for the last 10 years. However, we finally wanted to get serious about it and I saw a review of your book, Vagabonding. I read the whole thing in one sitting and have re-read it many times. It made me feel like we weren’t the only ones with a crazy idea to leave our lifestyle and go off discovering. We’ve both just quit our “great” jobs in the tech industry, and we’re getting ready to rent out our house. We bought tickets and we leave in October for a round the world trip that I expect will take at least a year. We’ll be celebrating our 40th birthdays somewhere on the road, doing what we’ve always dreamed about.”

To slow down and get the most from a journey

“I want to thank you for writing Vagabonding. I recently spent a month in Vietnam, but I spent most of the first week rushing around being stressed and somewhat culture shocked. Then I ran into your book in a secondhand bookshelf in Hoi An and read it in one go. It made me see I was approaching the trip with the same mindset as I had back home, so once I relaxed and slowed down I had the best time of my life out there.”

To spend less and live more

“I read Vagabonding for the first time a few years ago and wanted to finally write and thank you for your wonderful book. I came across it during a time in my life when I was dreaming of a long-term travel adventure around the world but doubted whether or not it was a viable possibility for me. After reading your book, I was inspired and committed to stop making excuses and start making plans. The Vagabonding philosophy truly resonated with me and even since returning from my travels, I have looked to your book repeatedly to be reminded of how and why “spend less, live more” applies even after you clear customs and come home.”

To realize that travel can be a lifelong endeavor

“Your book re-inspired me to believe travel was something I could keep doing for the long term. When I graduated from college, I assumed my travel would end and I’d get a 9-to-5 job. At the time, I thought that travel was for college students or retirees. Reading your book that summer I graduated made me realize I could keep on traveling. Instead of looking at countries as places on a map, now I see them as tantalizing future destinations to work or visit. Even now, I still break out Vagabonding occasionally to re-energize myself. A quick glance though your book reminds me why I’ve made the decision to leave the bubble of a tropical paradise to explore the world.”

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3 Responses to “Some new feedback from Vagabonding readers”

  1. Katie, Tripbase Says:

    Good stuff, blogs like yours are great as it can be difficult to find the impetus to make a long trip happen if you are surrounded by people who just ‘don’t get’ the urge to get out and see the world…