The latest reader feedback on Vagabonding

One of the coolest things about writing a book is hearing back from the folks who read it and took its message to heart. Based on recent reader emails, here are some reasons why people are finding Vagabonding useful and inspiring:

To spark a personal urge to drop it all and hit the road

“Read Vagabonding. Quitting my dreamless job as a mail carrier, finding new homes for my dogs, renting out my house, and taking off. Taking 2 years or whatever and seeing the world with whatever will fit in my backpack. I’m 45, divorced, no kids, no ties. I’ll be back. Maybe not. See ya.”

To lend philosophical grounding to travel ambitions

“I recently bought your book Vagabonding and am writing to say how much I enjoy reading it. I find it very inspiring. Your writing style is amazing, the references and resources are wonderful, I love the quotes and the travelers’ profiles. I also love the book’s philosophical depth that is so accessible and never rings hollow. It’s a book with a heart. It is the perfect read for someone who, like me, is planning their first solo travel abroad.”

To encourage the notion long-term travel with children is possible

“You helped me find the answer to a very serious problem I have been having. I was in the Army for 4 years and I spent those 4 years dreaming about the day my enlistment was over, and how I was going to “just bum around”. I ended up getting married and having a daughter towards the end of my enlistment and therefore, my plan was no longer a possibility. Now my daughter is 7 and I am single again and I want so badly to travel. I went to Africa earlier this year alone and it was amazing, but I need more. I have been trying to figure out how I could do this and still take care of my daughter at the same time and your book has answered the question for me. I can take her with me!!! I have thought of this before, but I guess I wasn’t looking at it clearly. I was too afraid. Whatever it is, I feel confident now that it would be a great experience for her. You really have helped me become clear about what I want and how I am going to get it and I am seriously grateful.”

To show friends why travel is important

“I love traveling, and when people ask me “why do you travel?”, I present them Vagabonding, because you wrote the best answers… thank you!”

To focus travel plans, and ease the transition home

“I really want to thank you for your book, Vagabonding. Your book found me at a time when I couldn’t pinpoint what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. You managed to succinctly and passionately express all that I was thinking and feeling. After reading your book I sold all of my things that couldn’t fit in my backpack and hit the road. I have just returned home after wandering around Alaska, SE Asia and Australia for a couple of years. It has been a bit challenging assimilating back into “normal life,” but I am able to approach each task with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and humor. I have made gift of numerous copies of Vagabonding and it really excites me to see others head off on their journey.”

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  1. Nate maingard Says:

    well done, this has all convinced me to order a copy of the book, hehe:)