New praise and feedback from Vagabonding readers

As of next month, Vagabonding will have been out for five years — and emails continue to arrive from readers who’ve found inspiration in its pages. Here, arranged by theme, are a few outtakes from folks who’ve found the book useful for their life travels:

For making long-term travel a realistic goal

“I read Vagabonding for the first time a few years ago and wanted to finally write and thank you for your wonderful book. I came across it during a time in my life when I was dreaming of a long-term travel adventure around the world but doubted whether or not it was a viable possibility for me. After reading your book, I was inspired and committed to stop making excuses and start making plans. The vagabonding philosophy truly resonated with me and even since returning from my travels, I have looked to your book repeatedly to be reminded of how and why ‘spend less, live more’ applies even after you clear customs and come home.”

For making work more bearable as one plans a new journey

“Thank you for writing Vagabonding. In 2006 I took a one-year sabbatical from my office job and traveled across Africa. Now I am miserably back to my desk. Your book helped to give a name (and hope) to this period of senseless work before I can get back to the road; I now know I am in ‘vagabonding gestation’ and feel much better.”

For reaffirming the relevance of past travels

“This note is long overdue. I came across your book a couple years ago and can’t recall how many copies I have since given to friends. It is a wonderful book that I wish had been available when my wife and I quit our ‘real’ jobs (in 1990) a couple years out of college to travel for a year. …Your thoughts on travel, the people you talk to, the stories you write make a valuable contribution to the literature of travel.”

For creating a positive attitude for new travelers

“My wife and I are Clinical Psychologists who for the last ten years have been teaching a University of Vermont Graduate class on intercultural psychology by bringing students to Bali, Belize and Samoa. Even though our classes are only two weeks in country, we use your book Vagabonding as part of our reading list and have found it to be straight on in conveying an attitude toward travel that we hope our students will adopt.”

For focusing life goals in general

“I was so sad when I finished Vagabonding that I’m just going to have to start reading it again. I’ve been recommending your book to everyone I know, especially those who have no intention of traveling. I’ve been explaining it is as a guide to moving through your world, however you chose to define it. What an inspiring outlook on travel, interacting with others, and life in general!”

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One Response to “New praise and feedback from Vagabonding readers”

  1. Pauline Says:

    I have just discovered your “Vagabonding” book and it took me back to the ’80s and ’90s when I was wandering around Australia and South East Asia.

    I am now 65. 2 years ago aged 63 I traveled via Greyhound bus, train and various other forms of transport (including a couple of hitchhikes!!!) right round the outside ring road of Australia.

    I stayed in backpacker dorms, worked on WWOOF farms and found an amazingly good on line site called “Global freeloaders”

    Yes you definately make your own adventures if you stay open to what is out there.

    Don’t let age or anything stop your travels. I am planning to travel UK and Europe in 2009 and it will be on a shoestring. Any suggestions out there????