Case Study: Kevin Short & Katie Heller


Names: Kevin Short & Katie Heller


Ages: 30 & 29

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Kevin: “All your life / You were only waiting for this moment to arise” -Paul McCartney

Katie: “If it’s not fun why do it?” – Ben & Jerry

How did you find out about Vagabonding, and how did … Read more »

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Collect moments, not things

collect momentsWhen I was little, there were collections in my house. There were matchbox cars, Smurfs and Disney figurines. At sleep-away camp, I collected sea glass – blue was my absolute favourite. There were memories and happiness in those collections, but what I realized, was the happiness came from the experience of actually finding those things … Read more »

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Everything Everywhere: Q&A with Gary Arndt

If anybody knows how to follow through on a travel goal, it’s Gary Arndt. His: simply to travel. He’s been traveling non-stop for the past two years and he has yet to set a return date. What we do know: he’s in Amsterdam today. And soon he’ll be in England. His website, Everything Everywhere, keeps us up-to-date on his whereabouts.

Gary’s the first to admit that he caught the travel bug a little … Read more »

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The Art of Non-conformity: Q&A with Chris Guillebeau

Visit his website or subscribe to his semiweekly newsletters and you quickly get a feel that Chris Guillebeau is happy, inspired, and living life to the fullest. The thing is, he genuinely seems to want the same for you and me.

His website, The Art of Non-conformity, promotes unconventional ways of living, working, and traveling—with the idea that you don’t have to live your life the way that people expect you to. Refreshing, huh? … Read more »

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Travel Mindset – How can we get it at home?

mindeset thumb

How do you do it? What if you can’t find the cash for the next adventure? What if the money isn’t there for that much-needed excursion or journey with a close friend, loved one or solo expedition? Do you curl up in a little ball and try to find a way for the money … Read more »

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Icebreaker vs. EMU merino wool for travel – 2 months into traveling

434943498_e8e3b10e78_zMerino wool has been touted as an ideal travel clothing material thanks especially to its breathability, odor resistance and fast-drying abilities. I stocked up on a few lightweight merino wool items before leaving for my trip two months ago, and I quickly gained a favorite among the brands and also learned some other benefits of the material.

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Questioning safety in Guatemala – at the last minute

3885709629_40e90d083f_oJust three weeks before I’d planned to leave for Guatemala, the first country on my itinerary for my first long-term trip, a friend forwarded an email from her Guatemalan friend regarding my upcoming travels:

“My advice is that if she has her heart set on going to Guate, do the volunteering thing and keep travel limited to … Read more »

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Long-term travel, consumerism, and purging

stuffLong- term travelers of all kinds will tell you that one of the most important preliminary steps to taking off is The Purge. That period of time that you devote to deciding which material possessions will still be necessary and dear to your heart after traipsing all over the globe in pursuit of clarity, freedom, connection, adventure, and … Read more »

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