Some recent reader feedback on Vagabonding

Though I’ve spent recent months promoting my new book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, I continue to get plenty of feedback for my first book. Here are some recent outtakes of reader emails about Vagabonding, and how people are finding it useful in their own lives:

As a “little kick in the pants” to hit the road

“I wanted to thank you for writing that wonderful book. The desire was always there, and the time was right, but Vagabonding gave us the last little kick in the pants that we needed. It was a joy to read.”

As an argument for more mindful travel

“While researching an upcoming trip I came across your book and I can actually say your book changed my view of the outlook of my life and it gave me reassurance that it is possible to be on a journey on my own terms, anywhere, for myself. In a few months after I graduate, I’m taking a trip. I’m really excited and my head is filled with anticipation and curiosity. I’m longing to grow, to experience, to embrace simplicity, to feel and taste life.”

As fuel for latent travel ambitions

“I discovered your book three years ago while browsing the travel section at Borders in Phoenix. It caught my eye because it described exactly what I wanted to do, abandon everything and see the world. It influenced me so much that, when I interviewed for a job at STA Travel and was asked where I see myself in 5 years, I blurted out a single word: vagabonding. The manager laughed a bit and hired me. I only worked during the high season, but it was enough to keep the desire ignited within me. I have been to Europe twice, once to Canada, and all over the US. Each journey taught me something different and I grew a little more.”

As inspiration to leave your psychic comfort zone

“A friend of mine gifted me with your book after we talked one day, mainly about my fears of leaving what I was “comfortable” with in my life. Your book inspired me. It didn’t change my mind, per se — it was already yearning for something more — but it changed my worldviews, and my view of what I am capable of. Basically that there is a way to make your dreams happen. I’ve applied some of the knowledge and advice contained in your book, and I can honestly say that wherever I might find myself I no longer fear that I might not possess the capacity to make the experience worthwhile, fun, educational, safe, and of course survivable.”

As a catalyst for laid-back, long-term journeys

“Your book is a catalyst that now has me researching this long-desired journey. I loved every page of it. I love your open and insouciant attitude about travel, your can-do pep talks, and the implied “who says you can’t?” goading throughout.”

As motivation to head south and live the expat life

“I’ve always wanted to move outside the U.S. and explore the world, but I read your book Vagabonding and it became less of a want and more of a need. My husband and I have decided to sell all our possessions and move down to Costa Rica to teach English. (We leave in five weeks!) And after that, who knows where we’ll end up? I’ve passed your book on to countless others in the hope that through living in the world (instead of in a country), more and more people will begin to realize everyone is the same. And maybe in the end, we seemingly-lost, vagabonding travelers will change this place for the better.”

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2 Responses to “Some recent reader feedback on Vagabonding

  1. brandon Says:


    I read your book on the plane on my way to the Caribbean. I was going for a short time, but when I was there I told my wife that we need to put things in order to be able to live the vagabonding lifestyle (at least as we would define it).

    I am getting closer everyday to be able to supplement my income from online ventures. Our goal is to be able to have the ability to travel with our three boys and still be able to make the money each months to support a healthy lifestyle.

    Your book was and still is a huge part of my plan and reference. Thanks and I look forward to reading your next book!


  2. Rolf Potts Says:

    Thanks, Brandon — and good luck with your travel goals!