Talavera in Puebla

The colonial city of Puebla in Mexico lures travelers eager to taste its own culinary creations (among which are mole poblano and chiles en nogada), watch the traditional Cinco de Mayo parade, or shop for Talavera pottery. And while in many destinations, artistic creations are only available in museums and shops, a short walk down any street in downtown Puebla makes it seem as though the city is covered in Talavera tiles.

A type of majolica earthenware, Talavera is named after the Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina, where many craftsmen lived. The craft was adapted in Puebla after the city was founded in 1531, and became known as Talavera Poblano. Puebla became the most important earthenware center of Mexico.

There are plenty of shops—from the grand Talavera Uriarte to stalls in the Mercado el Parian—where you can get a choice piece of pottery. But don’t pay so much attention to the shops that you ignore the plentiful buildings in town that are awash with colorful Talavera tiles. Even the church domes are slathered in brilliant tiles.

On my recent trip, I quickly gave up counting the different types of designs and just focused on enjoying them. I’m sure I missed a building here and there, but that’s what return trips are for, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to “Talavera in Puebla”

  1. Mark E Tisdale Says:

    Only had one night in Puebla, but want to go back some day. Not, however, for the mole… brrr… I hear this is a like it or loathe it dish and I just did not enjoy it. Others adored it, so worth a shot anyway!

    Totally going to return there some day!

  2. Jill K. Robinson Says:

    It’s interesting, my husband is not a fan of mole poblano, but he did like other types of mole. Besides, even if you’re not a mole fan, there are plenty of other reasons to go.

  3. Christy Says:

    Yeah, spot on, and I agree about return trips 🙂 Whenever I miss something on the trip, I tell myself, hey, I will return here someday 😉 (for those nice and memorable places, of course!)
    It may sound like a way to comfort myself, but well, it does works sometimes and I do get to go back 😉

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