Telecommuting like a pro

Man using laptop on a deck.

Man using laptop on a deck. Photo: gailf548 / Flickr

Looking to take your work on the road with your travels? The technology is available. There is a lack of role models, though. It would be great if we all knew digital nomads we could learn from. What would you ask a successful one if you had the chance?

Enter Chris Jankulovski. The CEO of Remote Staff gave a behind-the-scenes look at his cool lifestyle in this in-depth interview on Mixergy.  You have the choice of watching their video chat or reading the transcript.

Beyond discussing the tools of the trade, Jankulovski gives an honest and informative opinion on the ups and downs of working in this modern way.

For example, how do you focus on getting things done when you’ve got the world’s most beautiful scenery on your doorstep? How do you deal with the added complexity of bringing your family on the road? Jankulovski answers all of these hard questions and more.

Some of the most interesting parts were about how travel shaped his view on relationships. I won’t spoil it, but Jankulovski took a surprisingly direct approach to meeting dating partners abroad. Not the usual encountering someone at a hostel.

Have you worked remotely? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Andrew Warner Says:

    I think if I did it Chris’s way, I’d be able to make it work. He makes sure he has a quiet place to work in each city and before he rents a place, he makes the owner show his a photo of the internet speed test web site.