Field guide: Denver, Colorado in the fall

Denver is famously the mile-high country. And now, with the legalization of marijuana (only one of three states to do so), Colorado is more popular than ever.

Denver holds the best of both worlds in her two hands: world-class mountains just an hour west of downtown and a thriving urban downtown home to five major sports teams, a great symphony and theater district, and booming craft beer scene.

I’ve lived in five states, but Colorado … Read more »

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10 must-see destinations inspired by books or movies

Have you ever read a book that transported you to a new destination? Where the words infused the story’s setting and brought it to life so vividly that you were this close to booking a cheap ticket there?

I’ve had this happen many times. My must-visit list of destinations grows in leaps from watching movies or reading books.

Here’s a list of 10 must-see destinations inspired by books or movies to plot your next trip.


Florence, … Read more »

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A winter-summer in San Diego, California

sandiegothumbThe 5th of December marks a year ago that we left New York for the west coast. Thinking we’d stick it out for three months of a warmer winter, it’s now been a year and we’ve yet to return permanently. Trading scarves and gloves for flip-flops and endless Vitamin D was a fabulous decision for both our respiratory … Read more »

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A fresh perspective on home

I was reminded recently of an odd quirk in our human nature. When most of us travel, our senses are hyper-attuned to our surroundings. This is partially a conscious decision; the adventure of discovery is exhilarating. But part of it is an unconscious function. When we are in a new and unfamiliar environment, seldom-used neural pathways light … Read more »

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Around the world on a shoestring


Whenever anyone asks me why I still travel on a shoestring at the ripe old age of 38, I usually tell them about the time I learned how to play the bagpipes in Havana.

Granted, I could probably relate a more typical story about the joys of budget travel – some tidy parable of money saved and experiences gained – but when I mention learning … Read more »

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What adults can learn when traveling with their parents

While not everyone grew up in a traditional family structure, this article can apply to anyone who has a loving relationship with a family member who was part of your upbringing. For me, that was my parents, but I recognize that some people were raised by foster families, the parents of your childhood friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or siblings. This article still applies no matter who was an integral part of your childhood or who … Read more »

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Morning rituals


The fluidity of travel is a double-edged blade. It’s one of the things I love most about it – that each day is different and you don’t know what to expect. It pulls you into the present, encouraging you to pay attention to everything going on around you, rather than going into auto-pilot mode.

We are beings of habit, though. Our brains are wired to develop patterns of behavior, so that we’re not constantly … Read more »

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Deciding to get off the road (well… for a bit)


I book my bigger trips a up to a year in advance. This way I know they’re set and I won’t succumb to “I’m too busy, I can’t do this now” syndrome. Last year I put a deposit down on a trip to Peru. Not just any trip – this was with The Adventurists. A bunch of us get together down in Piura, learn to ride old, unreliable mototaxis. Then we’ll attempt to ride … Read more »

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Reaching the bottom of the Grand Canyon

As magical as the Grand Canyon is from the top, peering down into red and purple shades of rock so far down your eyes lose an ability to judge the distance, it is yet more magical from the very bottom peering up. Perhaps because of the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a journey down, and perhaps from a feeling of quiet, peaceful seclusion from the modern world.

South Rim ... <a href=Read more »

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Vagabonding Field Report: Escaping to the real Hawaii

Catnip to adventure travellers in search of an authentic Hawaiian escape, Molokai is often referred to as ‘The most Hawaiian island’. With little other than true Aloha on offer, those who board a tiny turboprop plane in Honolulu should expect to step back in time when they land in Ho’olehua.

Unlike its neighbours Molokai does not cater for the package holiday goer. There are no major chain hotels or supermarkets, no luxury resorts and very … Read more »

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