Is green going mainstream?

t4g_title_indexLast week, the online travel search engine Travelocity announced that a new partnership with EC3 Global has enabled them to display more green hotels in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

As green/eco awareness increases, so too does the need for ethical travelers to be able to find those businesses that adhere to morals and business practices that … Read more »

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Indulging ideals versus indulging vices

This morning I read about a hotel that’s under construction. There’s an art museum going up around the corner, and the hotel is designed to complement it by displaying contemporary art in the rooms and common areas. Construction is partly financed by a local nonprofit focused on downtown revitalization. The husband-and-wife operators are excited — Steve Wilson, the husband, says, “We have a totally embracing experience where [people] … Read more »

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Searching for the right hostel

Hostels are nothing new to vagabonders. Not only do they tend to be significantly cheaper than hotels, homestays, and guest houses, but by their very nature, they offer a communal experience that can be a blessing when in a strange new place. Who among us hasn’t sat in common rooms with travelers from all over, trading stories and getting the scoop on the best local hole in the wall … Read more »

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Sustainable travel research gets easier

Maya Mountain LodgeWhen you’re researching a trip, it’s not always easy to determine whether your tour operator or hotel cares about sustainable travel. And when you’re paying a middleman instead of giving your money straight to a business in your destination, you may not know how much of that money goes to the local communities.

Some tour operators know an area after traveling there for years, … Read more »

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An alternative to hotels – vacation rentals

When spending months abroad, it’s important to remain flexible in considering lodging options. While hostels are a fairly typical way to stay someplace cheaply, and get the advantage of meeting fellow travelers, sometimes it might be nice to have a place of your own.

One alternative to hotels are sites like HomeAway which are vacation rentals by owner. Many of them offer weekly or monthly rates. For example, … Read more »

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