Sustainable travel research gets easier

Maya Mountain LodgeWhen you’re researching a trip, it’s not always easy to determine whether your tour operator or hotel cares about sustainable travel. And when you’re paying a middleman instead of giving your money straight to a business in your destination, you may not know how much of that money goes to the local communities.

Some tour operators know an area after traveling there for years, but if anyone knows an area or destination best, it’s the folks who live there. When I’m interested in taking a tour—even just for a short period of time—I usually try to find locally sourced groups first.

A U.K.-based website, PureTravel, partners with local experts and enthusiasts in locations throughout the world—so you know where your dollars are going. And booking direct can help you save money. In addition to organized tours, the company also lists hotels, lodges, villas and ranches for folks who would rather figure out what to do once they’re on site.

Some countries have more information listed than others, so it’s clear that the company is working to build its contacts, but it’s definitely worth a look. Because I recognize some of PureTravel’s partners and I appreciate the company’s goals about responsible tourism, I’m adding it to my travel bookmarks.

Do any of you have great sustainable travel resources? Share them in the comments section!

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