Women of the world, according to Sunday Tribune

In my routine travels around the ‘net, I came across this absolutely fascinating article called “Women of the World.”  As well-researched news articles go, it’s certainly not comprehensive (besides, everything we read on the internet is true, right?  RIGHT??), but it sure gives some fascinating names for future research.

My favorite is Maud Parris, a Yukon dance-hall girl, whose divorce proceedings ended with her mother and father leaping over the bench to punch her … Read more »

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Staying Healthy on a RTW Trip

One of the many issues that round the world travelers need to think about before they set off on their trip is related to health. Even a young and healthy traveler can be hit by a food- or water-borne illness, or suffer an injury, while on the road. If making sure you’re prepared for an emergency means you never experience one, it’s still worth it.

With all of the expenses involved in long-term travel, … Read more »

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An argument for return travel

Seeing a place for the first time—whether Paris or Machu Picchu—has magical moments that stay in our memories long after the trip is over. And for travelers who want those new experiences, it’s tempting to discourage or eliminate return travel. While I’m drawn to places I haven’t yet visited, there are destinations that I return to multiple times—and have new and magical experiences each time.

If … Read more »

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Protecting your data on the road

More and more of our data is digital. It’s valuable, and we should be as careful with our information as we are with our wallet or purse. Since these possessions are virtual, however, it can be easy to neglect them.

The New York Times had a great piece titled Threats to Traveling Data. While mostly aimed at business travelers, the issues raised apply to everyone who logs on in a foreign country.

The tech world … Read more »

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Help for Japan

Japan’s massive 8.9 earthquake last week creates new headlines every day as the world sits and watches the rescue and recovery mission. People everywhere seem to be asking how they can get involved and help in the recovery process. Many of the headlines are the same. Professionals in the area are asking that people wait until they … Read more »

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Emergency disaster response: Oceanic edition

For those of you who have been following the news, you might get the feeling that something is not quite right here in the Oceanic part of the world, and I tell you: those of us who live here think so too.  Mother Nature is smiting us down with a vengeance; in the past month and a half, there’ve been dramatic flooding in Queensland, Cyclone Yasi threatening to demolish Cairns, a tornado in northern West … Read more »

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To understand ourselves better we have to understand others

“Herodotus was aware of man’s sedentary nature and realized that to get to know Others you must set off on a journey, go to them, and show a desire to meet them; so he kept traveling, visiting the Egyptians and the Scythians, the Persians and the Lydians, remembering everything he heard from them, as well as what he saw for himself. In short, he wanted to know them because he understood that to know ourselves … Read more »

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Are vagabonders like entrepreneurs?

On the surface, it can seem that vagabonders and entrepreneurs live in different worlds. Vagabonders are constantly going to new lands and learning new languages. Entrepreneurs are constantly working on new ideas and promoting their businesses.

This blog post by Peter Shankman got me thinking that the two are more similar in mindset: How to jailbreak your life so you can live the way you want. Shankman is best known as the founder of … Read more »

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