Women of the world, according to Sunday Tribune

In my routine travels around the ‘net, I came across this absolutely fascinating article called “Women of the World.”  As well-researched news articles go, it’s certainly not comprehensive (besides, everything we read on the internet is true, right?  RIGHT??), but it sure gives some fascinating names for future research.

My favorite is Maud Parris, a Yukon dance-hall girl, whose divorce proceedings ended with her mother and father leaping over the bench to punch her husband and the two opposing lawyers engaging in fisticuffs.  I’d love to see two lawyers duking it out in court, particularly in what I imagine to be the dignified manner (and wigs) they would have put on way back then (she was born in 1878).

The quarrelsome point I have with this article is that it finishes with, “They don’t make them like that any more.”  Excuse me, Myrtle Ryan, but they bloody well do!  For all inspiring female travelers of the modern world, doing fantastically adventurous things, I say: play on, ladies.

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  2. Sara Gabrakirstos Says:

    RE: Wow, really makes me proud to be a woman with a passion for traveling. These women all lived extraordinary lives in extraordinary places. And the thing about traveling and being a woman is that it takes a certain amount of audacity and courage to trek the globe. I have to say, Rebbecca West epitomizes a woman in search of an extraordinary life abroad! I loved all these stories, but when I think of what it must have meant to have led the kind of life she did circumnavigating the world 16 times and running a gambling house in Beijing!!–I mean honestly most people, most WOMEN do not plan that kind of thing out. That’s the beautiful thing about travel, your heart and your soul takes you places and presents a lifetime of experiences that could never be predicted. There are options for the route your life could take, but with travel, the possibilities are endless!

    Woops, my mistake! I meant Maudd Paris!