What type of traveler are you?

Whether you’re new to travel and you want to get a sense of your…well…sensabilities, or you’re up for a fun quiz, try out “What type of traveler are you?” Posted on BootsnAll, it takes stock of your travel preferences (accommodations, adventure, comfort) with eight questions.

Then you find out your ‘type.’ Are you a ‘Rolf?’ Yep, he’s listed as one of the traveler types, along with Tony Wheeler and Anthony Bourdain, among others.

I’ve learned that I’m a ‘Bear Grylls’ type (host of ‘Man vs. Wild.’) Really? I’m flattered.

And if you haven’t stopped by BootsnAll recently, you might be interested in knowing that they’ve recently upgraded their message boards for more personalization and faster navigation. Check them out.

Posted by | Comments (1)  | February 3, 2009
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  1. Tina Marshall Says:

    Hi! There is a travel photo contest going on over at the new Peterman’s Eye Travel community. Thought I’d share…