Summer Travel Work, Part I: Teaching ESL

  It’s a fact that travel dreams begin to intensify when summer is around the corner. For me and most other inveterate travelers I know, every fiber is starting to vibrate with an anxious need to hatch a plan pack a bag, and head off to far-flung places. The passport sings to us, asking to be paroled out of the drawer it’s been kept in for months. … Read more »

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Travel the world for free? Possible, according to Michael Wigge

Hitchiking, working our way around the world or couchsurfing are all good ways to save some money on the road, but being able to travel without spending anything has always seemed impossible to me. As Anna recently posted, we may  get free flights with credit cards’ air miles; however, as far as I know, travelling without spending a single cent is a dream. And believe me, I am one who really … Read more »

Vagabonding as a rock musician: a step by step guide. Post #4: How to choose where to tour

This article is the fourth in a series of posts explaining how to bring your music on the road and get to travel with it. Read the series’ introduction , Post#1 , Post # 2 and Post #3 

In the last article of this series  I mentioned that a band may decide to book their own tours, by themselves, using their … Read more »

Vagabonding as a rock musician: a step by step guide. Post #2: how to get serious

This article is the second in a series of posts explaining how to bring your music on the road and get to travel with it. (Read the series’ introduction and Post#1)

In my last article I was stressing on the necessity to improve your bands’ live performance by playing … Read more »

Vagabonding as a rock musician: a step by step guide. Introduction.


Most people will never understand the thrill of being on a stage because, actually, they have never been. That complex array of mixed emotions, gut feeling and embarrassment which sometimes spawns some of the World’s greatest awesomeness may be related to travel in many ways.

As I previously wrote , by bringing an instrument on your travels you may enhance the chances of casual encounters with locals, volunteer … Read more »

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Be a tour guide to fund your travels

Let’s face it. There’s no use fighting the tourist industry. It’s exponential. My advice is to embrace it!

Many people ask me how I’ve funded my travels for so many years. The answer; I’ve been: a tour guide; paid to be outdoors, able to ride my own horses; and gain knowledge of an area by teaching about plants, animals, geology and history. The key to being a good tour guide is … Read more »

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Transfering money back home

After living and working abroad for a significant time one will have to face the annoying task of moving not only all of their belongings but also moving all of their finances. It can be a puzzle to figure out the best way to move one’s entire savings from one country to the next. Which way is ultimately the best? How can one do this without losing a depressing sum in conversion or banking fees? … Read more »

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Gen Y: young, educated, and globally mobile

Lots of people want to travel, right?  Who wouldn’t?  However, precise numbers are hard to come by.  Gallup, a polling organization, spent 2007-2010 asking this question to young people in 148 countries: “If you could move permanently to another country, to which country would you move?”

To see their answers, check out this cool infographic: Youth Movement.  The researchers specifically targeted people aged 15-29 and educated adults.

It won’t surprise anyone to know that … Read more »

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Work in Antarctica

If you’ve always dreamed of working in Antarctica (the only continent you can’t be a native of, and yet which doesn’t officially belong any other country: a treaty made in 1961 suspends all claims of ownership, in favor of promoting valuable scientific research rather than arguing over whose flag flies where…and the penguins don’t care), now’s your chance.  The British Antarctic Survey is seeking field assistants for terms of between 6 and 18 months … Read more »

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