Vagabonding Field Report: Celebrating life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Rain in San Miguel de Allende

Cost/day: $40

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately?

All of the donkeys or burros that are on the streets.  I am not used to that.  It’s a bit of old world Mexico, and I love it.

Donkeys in San Miguel de Allende

Describe a typical day:

San Miguel de Allende seems to think that everyone should rise at 6:30.  That’s when the church bells start ringing, and the birds start singing. That’s when I get up.  I make coffee and fresh juice in my outdoor kitchen while watching the hummingbirds flit around having their breakfast. I write in the mornings.  Then, I go to Spanish class.  In the afternoons, I always say I will take a siesta, but I usually wind up wandering the colorful streets and taking it all in.  Sometimes, I go sit in the Jardin, the town’s main plaza, and watch the interesting people who gather there.

Mexican door

Describe an interesting conversation you had with a local:  
I am still learning Spanish, so I haven’t gotten very far in conversation.  I have the same conversation with all of the locals. “How are you?  I’m fine.  What’s your name?”  I can’t wait to learn more, and have longer conversations.  But this man always sits out on the narrow sidewalk with a Coca-Cola.  I pass by him everyday on my way to Spanish class, and we smile at each other, and he just warms my heart.  I think he is lonely, so I try to do something for him everyday.  I think his favorite day was when I sprayed him with my patchouli-lavender spray.  His wide toothless grin was enough to make me feel that I had fulfilled my purpose that day.
Mexican man in the street
What do you like about where you are? Dislike?

I love the way that I seem to enjoy each day on a deeper level here.  Time seems to pass really fast, but at the same time I don’t feel stressed or in a hurry.  I love the vibrant colors and the way everyone here seems to celebrate life.  I got here just in time for La Alborada, San Miguel de Allende’s biggest festival where they honor Saint Michael.  I love how the Mexican people celebrate their heritage and carry on traditions.

La Alberada
Describe a challenge you faced:
When I first got here, I had a bit of a culture shock when I realized that there wasn’t as much English spoken as there are in the more touristy areas of Mexico.  I had a bit of trouble communicating.  But, this forced me to start learning more Spanish as soon as possible, and I’m enjoying learning their beautiful language.
What new lesson did you learn?
Not to be afraid to speak as much Spanish as I know.  That the local people will help me learn, and I don’t need to be afraid to say something wrong.  That you can use more than words to communicate with people.
Val Dawson
Where next?

I’ll be here until March, and then I’m off to Europe! I like slow travel.

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