Travel resolutions for the new year

This time of year can be a very reflective time for some people. You may find yourself looking back and appreciating the high points, remembering the lower points, and thinking about what you can do better next year. This time of year, a lot of people are making New Year’s resolutions in hopes of incorporating new ways to make their lives better. This got me thinking, should we make new travel resolutions for the coming year? Perhaps we are looking to be a more eco-friendly traveler, or someone who gives back by volunteering across their travels. Or maybe some will resolve to be more open and spontaneous on the road, or more successfully frugal. Maybe this is the year you have resolved to finally hit the road or take a round-the-world trip.

Are you making any travel resolutions or planning new and exciting journeys for this year? Tell us about them in the comments.

Posted by | Comments (5)  | December 27, 2010
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5 Responses to “Travel resolutions for the new year”

  1. Sage Says:

    I have a Sabbatical coming up so in June and my plans are to do a RTW trip without flying, starting with taking the train to California and I’m booked on a container ship to Hong Kong-3 months later I’m booked on a cruise ship back to the USA

  2. Scott Says:

    I’ve been doing well at utilizing my free time and travels. Very thankful for that opportunity. Looking forward to being more frugal in my day to day life so I always have the means to visit new places.

  3. Amber Hadley Says:

    I vow to pack less!