Songs for a traveler’s iPod

Okay guys, here’s some great tracks to look for the next time you hit iTunes. Brave New Traveler has compiled a list of 30 Songs that Capture the Spirit of Travel.

For me, what really makes think of travel are the soundtracks from movies set in foreign countries. For example, I always get warm, fuzzy memories of Japan when I hear a song from Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation.”

Us vagabonders can be an opinionated bunch, and I’m certain the list has left out some amazing tunes. Fill in the gaps by putting your suggestions in the comments. If you have links to a music video on YouTube, bonus points!

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4 Responses to “Songs for a traveler’s iPod”

  1. Nomadic Matt Says:

    i always remember Thailand whenever I hear some techno songs. reminds me of the full moon party.

  2. Nomada23 Says:

    I just went through the whole list, and very few of the links are still on youtube. Kind of a waste of time…

  3. Katie, Tripbase Says:

    Clandestino and Tijuana by Manu Chau. Nice memories of skipping around in Mexican huts.

    Travel Blissful is posting “music that makes me happy” every Tuesday – check it out: