New tiny computers!

The age of the netbook is upon us! What is a netbook? An-even-smaller-than-your-laptop computer that is available as cheap as $300.  They have small keyboards, tiny screens, and are immensely portable.  Why would you want a netbook instead of something else?  Well, they’re cheap, tiny, lightweight, work relatively well, can run both Windows and Mac OS (you can also install and run Linux), and you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen cause it’s so cheap!  You can use it as a backup computer at home, and take it on the road.  Most of these tiny netbooks don’t have disc drives but DO have card readers, which makes transferring digital pictures to computer even easier.

So where can you get one? has the occasional sale on the tiny MSI Wind, but even when it’s not on sale, it’s pretty darn reasonable. often has mail-in rebates that can take as much as $20 off your purchase price, and this Acer comes in pink.

So for a lightweight travel computer that can do everything your desktop at home can do, consider grabbing one of these teeny-weeny wonders!

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