For the love of moleskine notebooks

More than likely you’ve heard of the legendary Moleskine notebooks that were revered by artists, writers and travelers alike. Originally they were covered in a woven cotton fabric which was sheared, making it soft on one side. Bruce Chatwin describes this ‘Paris’ notebook in The Song Lines, “The pages were squared and the end-papers held in place with an elastic band. I had numbered them in series. I wrote my name and address on the front page, offering a reward to the finder. To lose a passport was the least of one’s worries: to lose a notebook was a catastrophe.”

After a three month backpacking trip I came home with ten filled moleskine notebooks neatly bound with twine. I’d begun the trip with two blank ones. Much to my delight, it was easy to find more along my way. I agree with Chatwin; losing a notebook would be a catastrophe.

Before converting three years ago to using modern day Moleskines ; I collected various other notebooks of thickness and size.  In retrospect, they don’t visually stack nice and neatly; whereas the Moleskins do. This might seem like a silly and simple pleasure, but it makes me quite happy.

Have you ever shared your intimate travel moments with a Moleskine notebook?


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4 Responses to “For the love of moleskine notebooks”

  1. DEK Says:

    I prefer spiral-bound notebooks as I like to be able to tear out pages, either to throw away if I am unhappy with what I have just written or to give to someone with a message, or to use as improvised stationery. The looser binding also allows for pockets where I can stow the small printed ephemera I accumulate along the way.

  2. Paul Says:

    Moleskin notebooks do look beautiful and make me feel like Darwin writing a journal in his cabin on the Beagle. However, they’re hideously expensive and very short-lived if you write a lot. I’m with DEK, cheap bound paper notepads from Ryman do the job if looked after and are a tiny fraction of the price, just not as romantic. Nevertheless, Lindsey, if moleskin notebooks make you happy then they seem like small price to pay!

  3. GypsyGirl Says:

    @Paul, I like your image about Darwin 🙂 But you’re right, they are kinda expensive.

    @David, Hopefully, what you did record in your journal will help rekindle those emotions and experiences! Peru is a place I dream of going…

    @K-eM, Indeed. My favorite are the midsize brown cashier’s–as I tend to write quotes and doodle on the covers.

  4. Joshua Raley Says:

    I’ve been using moleskins for a few years. I agree with the post, there’s something oddly satisfying about stacking multiple completed moleskins. My go-to notebook is the pocket size, soft cover, squared ruled.