Celebrating Satchmo in New Orleans

Rue Louis ArmstrongEverybody who loves Louis Armstrong knows his birthday was on July 4, right? It turns out that it took until the mid-1980s to learn that Satchmo’s special day wasn’t July 4, 1900, but August 4, 1901.

And why do you care?

Because if you’re anywhere near New Orleans the first weekend of August, you can swing by for a celebration of the life and … Read more »

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Life as a digital nomad

In case you need any more motivation to figure out how to work remotely, here’s one more: 50 photos to inspire life as a digital nomad.

Of course, having the dream is the easy part. Wishing for something isn’t the same as working to get it.  If only we had a road map, so at least we would know if we’re going in the right direction.

The good news is that somebody created a … Read more »

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101 Things To Do Before Your Trip

An interesting post caught my eye yesterday by Nico Crisafulli, a contributor for AirTreks. In it, he highlights a number of useful tasks that might need to take place before leaving on an extended trip. As we are 2 months away from our own 3 month journey throughout Southeast Asia, we’re deep into our own todo lists of securing home and cat care, airfare watching, budgeting, and itinerary planning.

Nico’s run-down … Read more »

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Are you seeing the whole road?

I got stopped by the police last night because my flashlight was at half-power. Specifically, my car had a headlight out. I couldn’t see the whole road, and the road couldn’t see much of me.

The officer wanted to make sure I knew, because people often overlook their lack of illumination. It’s easy to do. You can get by with one headlight, streetlamps mask the outage, or it’s … Read more »

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Review: The Cocoon Coolmax Travel Sheet

coolmaxsheet01Cheap guesthouses are de rigueur for budget-conscious vagabonds. Unfortunately cheap often means suffering lumpy, rock-hard mattresses, grungy sheets and suspect bedding.

While there’s not much you can do about mattresses that feel like plywood, when it comes to sheets and bedding, many vagabonds opt for some sort of travel sheet — a layer between you and whatever might be lurking on the “clean” sheets.

Read more »

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Some nice stuff and nowhere to put it

I have a lot of nice stuff.

I have a painting of a peacock feather, all gold and blue and tiny jewels, that I plucked from a windswept art fair at Burning Man the first year I went by myself.  I have a curvacious photo that I took, developed, and printed myself, of the naked cyanotyped bodies of women who are no longer my friends.  I have fifteen boxes of books that were what remained … Read more »

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Au Pairing

Vagabonding for an extended time through Europe isn’t the same shoestring travel it was 20 years ago, but the continent still remains as alluring as ever to travelers. It can be rather expensive to travel abroad in Europe long enough to really immerse yourself in the culture and feel like you intimately know the place. A more budget conscious way to do this, however, is to try to find a job in Europe, and working … Read more »

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Our generation is not the first to have its travels disrupted by telecommunications

“Pierpont Morgan himself, though he traveled frequently to distract mind and body at doctors’ orders, was burdened intolerably by the tasks he had undertaken. …Traveling through Egypt in a resplendent private car, a companion of his noted how, at the receipt of cablegrams from New York, he would be plunged in long glowering calculations, hours upon end, while the incredible, half-ruined pyramids of other emperors and other ages which he had come to gaze at … Read more »

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Outdoor adventures in the Dominican Republic

27 waterfallsBeyond Santo Domingo and the resorts of Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic is wide open for travelers looking for outdoor adventure. On a recent trip to the country’s Samaná Peninsula and parts of the North Coast, I was able to take part in four distinctly different experiences that only scratch the surface of the great outdoors in the DR.

Horseback riding to Salto El Limón.Read more »

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