10 businesses you can run while traveling full-time

The fact that my husband and I have no home to go back to, nor do we currently consider any particular country our home (although we are originally from the UK), generates interesting responses from most of the people we meet on our travels.

One of questions which sits right on the tip of the tongue but usually goes unasked, possibly for fear of seeming impolite or vulgar, is this: “How do you earn money while you travel?”

Some of the common income-generating activities of vagabonds such as TEFL/TESL or casual and temporary labor didn’t promise to earn us enough cash on a long term basis, so before we left we considered the different types of business which would allow us to work remotely and be location independent.

Here is a list of some of the obvious and not-so-obvious ideas we came up with that could earn you a living whilst traveling permanently:

  • Travel writer – may as well start with the obvious one!
  • Online tutor such as those at Tutor.com
  • Virtual assistant
  • Coach or consultant to a niche market
  • Web/blog designer or consultant
  • Graphic designer, artist or illustrator
  • Internet marketer
  • Professional blogger
  • Retailer – selling products via drop shipping
  • Copywriter

Very few are businesses you can set up successfully (profitably) without a bit of research, experience or knowledge and it isn’t always easy running a professional business and servicing clients whilst traveling; but if you would like to consider an alternative career outside of a cubicle which allows you to work from wherever you choose, then it can be done and we’re doing it right now.

By the way, if you’re still curious about what we do to earn money…I run a coaching and consulting business and my husband is an illustrator and graphic designer.

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  1. Walter Says:

    I am 77 years of age and have always wanted to go out west and play around some in trying to recover gold nuggets by paning, dry washing, etc. I need some sort of road side business to help me pay expenses as I go would be helpful.Any ideas will be appreciated. If not prospecting for gold, then metal detecting for relics in the old mining camps, rock hunting etc. Having compatible partners would be nice also.