Field guide: Denver, Colorado in the fall

Denver is famously the mile-high country. And now, with the legalization of marijuana (only one of three states to do so), Colorado is more popular than ever.

Denver holds the best of both worlds in her two hands: world-class mountains just an hour west of downtown and a thriving urban downtown home to five major sports teams, a great symphony and theater district, and booming craft beer scene.

I’ve lived in five states, but Colorado … Read more »

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Australia – A Guide to the Red Centre

uluru thumb

Two months ago, we set off on a few weeks adventure in Australia. After time in Melbourne with family and friends, we ventured into the Northern Territory’s Australian Outback for a few days full of mineral-rich red dirt, countless open expanses and Aboriginal heritage embedded in astounding rock formations.

Tracing the footsteps of … Read more »

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Vagabonding Field Report: Chiang Mai 2016

chiang mai thumbChiang Mai radiates the essence of Thailand. Located in the northern province, the atmosphere is laidback and relaxing. It’s a lovely place to stop and spend a month living, as we are currently doing. Within the city, there is an abundance of gorgeous temples and lively markets. In the Chiang Mai region, food reigns supreme. Most Thais … Read more »

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Things you can’t miss in NZ

New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, is full of epic mountain vistas, rolling green hillside, and azure colored lakes.

New Zealand respects their land, and rare ecosystem more than any other country I’ve visited.

Overall, New Zealand is hands down one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world.

Here are some of my favorite New Zealand points of interest, and experiences you simply can’t miss on your visit to … Read more »

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10 must-see destinations inspired by books or movies

Have you ever read a book that transported you to a new destination? Where the words infused the story’s setting and brought it to life so vividly that you were this close to booking a cheap ticket there?

I’ve had this happen many times. My must-visit list of destinations grows in leaps from watching movies or reading books.

Here’s a list of 10 must-see destinations inspired by books or movies to plot your next trip.


Florence, … Read more »

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Questioning safety in Guatemala – at the last minute

3885709629_40e90d083f_oJust three weeks before I’d planned to leave for Guatemala, the first country on my itinerary for my first long-term trip, a friend forwarded an email from her Guatemalan friend regarding my upcoming travels:

“My advice is that if she has her heart set on going to Guate, do the volunteering thing and keep travel limited to … Read more »

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180 South and the quest for adventure

JOKTON6CY9“The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts.” -Yvon Chouinard

Quick, think of your most memorable travel experience.

Judging by the stories I hear from other travelers and the ones I tell, what sticks out for most are the moments when things went wrong, when for a little … Read more »

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5 destinations to learn new skills in 2016

With 2016 just a few short weeks away, I find my thoughts turning towards the question: what new skills can I learn in this new year?

Confession: I’m an incurable learner. Starting new projects, learning new skills, reading about new subjects or destinations fill my veins with excitement. When the promise of 12 blank months of learning beckon, I can’t resist.

I want to fill each month with a challenge to learn something new. Toss in the possibility … Read more »

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A winter-summer in San Diego, California

sandiegothumbThe 5th of December marks a year ago that we left New York for the west coast. Thinking we’d stick it out for three months of a warmer winter, it’s now been a year and we’ve yet to return permanently. Trading scarves and gloves for flip-flops and endless Vitamin D was a fabulous decision for both our respiratory … Read more »

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