A vagabond’s relationship with work

Perhaps you’ve found yourself, sitting in a cubicle pecking out reports for your boss, longing to be on a secluded beach in some far corner of the world. You go home from work and pull out your atlas and dream of Mai Thais and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. You turn the page and can almost smell the aromas of the market as you look at photos from foreign lands. Daydreaming about travel is an almost universally shared experience. Southwest Airlines tapped into this with their popular tagline, “Wanna get away?” The answer, almost universally, is yes.… Read More...

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Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in Rosedale, Mississippi

Last month, while I was driving down the Mississippi River on a magazine assignment, I had a curious experience in Rosedale, Mississippi. As I was eating lunch in a place called Leo's Market, a waitress mentioned that Rosedale is the place where the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for musical genius (an event alluded to in -- among other places -- the Cohen brothers' movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou). As if to prove it, the waitress handed me a wrinkled, typewritten transcription of a "vision" about Johnson's fateful moment that had appeared… Read More...

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Cuba – Forbidden fruit, no more

I stepped from the dimly lit terminal into the parking lot at at Havana International Airport. Blinking to let my eyes adjust to the brilliant sunshine, I marveled at row upon row of classic cars, their rounded silhouettes a chorus line of humpback whales. I knew about Cuba’s classic cars, but had not expected to see so many. On the broad boulevards, our tour bus was surrounded by 1950’s era Cadillacs with gleaming chrome grilles and ostentatious fins, painted in gaudy colors designed to make the most ambivalent pedestrian take notice. It was just the first of many surprises during… Read More...

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Top 5 travel apps to stay organized on the road

It's hard to be organized constantly. It's hard when you're at home. It's more difficult when you're on the road, trying to remember where exactly you put that super-important sticky note with the really-super-important booking confirmation number for your hotel. Thankfully there's an app for your troubles. I rounded up the top five travel apps I regularly use to stay organized, both on the road and at home. 1. Evernote iOS // Android // Free Imagine if your brain could immediately access every website, memory or note you ever encountered. Imagine if you eliminated your wagging Post-It notes, your notebooks… Read More...

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5 places to vagabond this summer

Warm sunshine and the open road never fail to ignite wanderlust. Long days stretch ahead, beckoning to be filled with adventure and explorations. Distant points on the map are ripe with possibility. Before you, the entire world opens up. And it's waiting for you to find it -- to "tramp a perpetual journey" as Walt Whitman says. The imagined prospects thrill your blood. You have to hit the road and, by vagabonding, find yourself. But where should you go? Perhaps a few of the corners less traveled. 1. Dubrovnik, Croatia Home to one of the 10 best preserved medieval walled… Read More...

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Vagabonding: How adventurers and stories inspire the modern traveler

Today, there’s a Facebook group for just about everything. Full-time families, digital nomads, long-term travelers, family travelers, solo travelers and everyone in between have a footprint in the digital world. Just how drastically the Internet has changed a traveler’s adventure we will never know, but, whether you are a traveler of the WIFI generation or one from those that came before, the art of adventure hasn’t changed. Location independence may be the catchphrase of today, but explorers and vagabonds have been journeying the earth’s surface for centuries finding their own way in the world, having and sharing those all encompassing… Read More...

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Is the Paradise Pack for me?

We see these types of promotions all the time: One time only sale! Make your dreams come true now! Travel for free!   Short marketing statements that almost seem to good to be true. Most often times, they are. But let me tell you why the Paradise Pack is different. What is the Paradise Pack? In short, it’s a package of 18 resources - ebooks and online courses - designed around travel, long-term travel, and location independence. This collection includes the world’s top bloggers and experts on topics like travel blogging, travel hacking, long-term travel, and living a location independent… Read More...

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