10 reasons to travel with your baby before 2 years old

It can be scary taking your under-two-year-old baby on a trip. A day at home can easily fall to pieces with a missed nap, cranky feeding, or weird mood. Who knows what the road will hold?

More importantly, you might wonder if you can handle the stressors of baby + travel without throwing yourself on the floor and crying it out.

I’m sure you can do it — you’ve weathered worse situations and emerged with … Read more »

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Australia – A Guide to the Red Centre

uluru thumb

Two months ago, we set off on a few weeks adventure in Australia. After time in Melbourne with family and friends, we ventured into the Northern Territory’s Australian Outback for a few days full of mineral-rich red dirt, countless open expanses and Aboriginal heritage embedded in astounding rock formations.

Tracing the footsteps of … Read more »

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Have baby, will travel: options for baby’s first trip

baby travel thumbHow long has it been since you settled into a train seat for a relaxing ride? Or caught a plane for a weekend getaway?

Instead your days have been spent teaching your baby how to sleep or wiping spit-up. But once you hit the two-month-old mark, your baby’s big eyes are gulping in the world.

Give that ceaseless curiosity … Read more »

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Finding your voice as a travel writer

voice thumb“There is nothing more meaningful than being true to yourself and finding your own voice. Follow your heart and don’t let anyone discourage you.” – Jane Fulton Alt

Did you ever think about your own voice? What do you sound like when you speak? Have you ever listened to yourself? What would you sound like if … Read more »

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Vagabonding Field Report: Chiang Mai 2016

chiang mai thumbChiang Mai radiates the essence of Thailand. Located in the northern province, the atmosphere is laidback and relaxing. It’s a lovely place to stop and spend a month living, as we are currently doing. Within the city, there is an abundance of gorgeous temples and lively markets. In the Chiang Mai region, food reigns supreme. Most Thais … Read more »

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5 baby-friendly destinations for baby’s first trip

baby travel thumbThe road is beckoning.

Your wanderlust has woken from its brief nap during pregnancy. Now you want to smell the planes’ exhaust permanently lingering in the airport, wake in an unfamiliar bed in an unknown city and venture to find breakfast. You need to travel.

Only this time a new partner in crime will accompany you: your … Read more »

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