Food in the Philippines

Food in the Philippines provides great variety. One can find the same standard American style fast food chains found all over the world. There is also a good presence of Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian restaurants to choose from. Depending on where you go in the country, this variety is either more or less plentiful. In my time there, I noticed a few dishes that seemed to be among the most popular local staples on … Read more »

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Travel writing needs to reflect a more complex order

“It has been my prejudice and hope ever since I began reading and traveling that what we need now is a travel writing that reflects a larger world and a much more complex order, one in which a post-national empire is almost everywhere, and the American Empire is fading from view as the British and the French ones did before it—though, thanks to the acceleration of the times, it has worked its way through the … Read more »

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Rolf’s No Baggage Challenge: How much did it really cost?

As you may know, Vagablogging’s ringleader Rolf Potts recently took a quick trip around the world traveling with no luggage whatsoever in the No Baggage Challenge. The trip took the idea of traveling light to an extreme, yes, but it was designed to demonstrate that what we carry with us isn’t nearly as meaningful as the experiences we have along the way.

After Rolf finished that trip, however, there were questions to … Read more »

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Losing a travel friend

I had to turn in my passport yesterday in order to get it renewed, and I’m a little broken up about it. I’ve never been the person to publicly thumb through the pages of my passport to show off—but privately, I look them over to serve as a quick reminder of where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and how I’ve grown.

I’ve finally gotten to the … Read more »

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Using Twitter search for trip-planning

Twitter profile logos

Twitter stands out. Photo: Rosaura Ochoa / Flickr Creative Commons

A while back, Twitter re-designed their user interface. What escaped most attention was how they also beefed up their search capability.

The social media blog did a brief write-up about this function: How to use Twitter’s advanced search.

More importantly, they produced a short video showing off how to use Twitter as an … Read more »

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Independent travel is a myth

There’s no such thing as independent travel.

Travel depends on fuel supplies, seatmates, ticket collectors, farmers, traders, innkeepers, and governments.

It depends on the weather, the landscape, employers, clients, the generosity of others, what your parents did or did not do, the person you’re negotiating with, the capital-T Travel Industry, the authorities (and more generally, weapons), and storytellers.

It depends on your bedmate, pharmacists and doctors, computers and … Read more »

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Review: The ‘Yalta’ travel bag from Chrome

Chrome, probably best known for their bike messenger bags, have released two new bags that are worth considering for your next round-the-world trip. The folks at Chrome were kind enough to send Vagablogging the new Yalta bag to test out and pass along to one lucky reader.

The Yalta’s larger sibling, the Brigadier, is similar though slightly larger. The outer shell of both bags is made of Tarpaulin, a rugged, waterproof material that … Read more »

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Love ’em and leave ’em and leave ’em…

One of the side effects of all those fun romantic flings you have with fun romantic locals wherever it is that you settle for a while, is the exciting, abnormal, and exhausting condition called love.  Love can spin your tailfeathers and put your travel plans at risk.

We’re told from a very early age that love is what we should be looking for, but what if, the next time you find it is very inconvenient?  … Read more »

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Emergency health scares on the road

I’ve always been of the opinion that having a food allergy is a heinous lot to have drawn in life. I approach this largely from a food-lover’s standpoint, but also because seeing a food allergy being triggered is quite frightening. Seeing it happen just once is enough to make me want to carry an epipen just for safe measure.

A few years ago, I was surprised to find myself traveling with a companion … Read more »

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