WorkShifting: the blog for digital nomads

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A blogger having breakfast on the Gold Coast with a laptop. Photo: Paull Young / Flickr

UPDATE: WorkShifting is holding a $10,000 contest for digital nomads.  Details at Freedom Let Go contest.

The Internet and web apps have freed a generation of people to work from anywhere they choose. This is a relatively new movement, so it’s hard to find reliable information about telecommuting. Beyond technology, what about the other challenges? Some examples are loneliness, negotiating remote agreements with employers/clients, etc.

Enter WorkShifting. It’s a blog dedicated to helping people with the ups and downs of working from anywhere. While not exclusively about travel per se, digital nomads will find many articles that are loaded with useful advice.

Interestingly enough, WorkShifting is actually a corporate blog. It’s run by Citrix Systems, which provides networking and cloud computing tools. You’d never guess it from the site, since Citrix has been admirably restrained in promoting themselves. In addition, the blog is staffed by top bloggers and tech entrepreneurs, rather than just employees.

WorkShifting on Twitter is worth following. They find cool links from around the Web, instead of just trying to drive traffic back to the blog.

Are you a digital nomad? What websites and blogs do you follow? Please share in the comments.

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3 Responses to “WorkShifting: the blog for digital nomads”

  1. Elise of Positive World Travel Says:

    Thanks for sharing this website. I’ll be sure to look at it and also follow them on twitter. Creating an income and lifestyle the way we want to digitally and with no ties is the perfect life to lead!

  2. Gitta Reuss Says:

    I am very interested, since I’m offering SaaS Services and this here seems to be my job,too -cu Gitta