Will you be voting from the road?

After months (some would say years) of campaigning, the US presidential election is finally drawing near. This week, here in Canada, an election has just been called too – so we’ll be joining in the fun, with a vote on October 14.

I’ve just arrived back after a summer of travel, and I realized, when I heard the election had been called, that it would be the only Canadian election I’ve been on home soil for since 2000 – the first I was eligible to vote in. I’ve missed two (one during a short trip to India, and another while I was at grad school in the UK) and I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t manage an absentee ballot for either.

This time around, being home, I’ll have no excuse – and I’ll be sure to head to my local polling station on the big day.

But what about all those vagabonds who are still far from home?

Americans and Canadians (and anyone else who’s got an election coming up, for that matter!) – will you be finding a way to vote from the road? What have you done in the past?

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2 Responses to “Will you be voting from the road?”

  1. Karen Says:

    Inspired by Rolf Pott’s book “Vagabonding”, I have leased my home and jumped into vagabonding. I’m on day #4! I eventually want to make my way to Prague to get a TEFL certificate and begin teaching English. I leased my home too early to get an absentee ballot so I’m going to establish residency in Colorado (requirement of 30 days residence) while living with my family. I can vote there. I’m willing to delay my actual trip by those 30 days just to vote!