What kids learn from travel

I often talk about how much my sons have learned from our travels, but it’s hard to actually explain what they’ve learned.

Yes, they learned all the “school stuff” – reading, writing, math, science, social studies. But more importantly, they learned valuable life lessons that will get them through life.

They learned that life isn’t necessarily a bowl of cherries. There are some days that are rainy…

Riding in the rain

…or cold…

Daryl bundled up

…or windy.

Windy days

There are times when we have to grind our way up hills that seem like they’ll never end.

Beaver Slide

Glacier national Park


But they’re also learning the thrill of victory. They’re learning they can reach the top of those proverbial hills…

On top of Atigun Pass

Logan Pass

Chief Joseph Pass

They can cross countries one pedal stroke at a time.

Entering Canada

Entering the USA

And they’ve learned that people are good. Humankind is basically kind and generous and giving and welcoming – not like one would believe from watching the nightly news.


LouAnn and Ivan


Aurora in migrant workers' camp

That’s all stuff that can’t be learned in a classroom.

I think my husband said it best: The world is our classroom and our travels are our textbook.

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7 Responses to “What kids learn from travel”

  1. K-eM Says:

    I’m always sad when people say they can’t travel because they have little kids. My response is to tell them that’s the best time to do it. My parents traveled the world with us starting when my youngest sibling was 8 months old. And none of us have any regrets. That youngest sibling takes her kids world hopping whenever she can because she wants her kids to have the kind of education that she did.

  2. bani.amor Says:

    it’s kind of a financial/privilege thing, ain’t it?

    also, please adopt me.

  3. Mike Ireland Says:

    Travel definitely broadens the mind and this also applies to children. Seeing different cultures and lifestyles is particularly beneficial for their development, in my opinion. Also agree that they get the chance to see that not everything goes to plan and as they grow helps them to understand even simple things like timetables, how to pay for travel tickets and so on.

  4. Tom Miller Says:

    That is so inspiring! Like you, I also love to travel especially with my Rabelo. I think I could appreciate the world a lot better and more things to learn that simply reading a book. Kids would also love that especially when they have to do physical challenges just to get to where they need to go and of course, the thrill of knowing more places beyond their TV.

  5. Nancy Sathre-Vogel Says:

    It is amazing what kids learn from travel. It’s life-changing for sure.

  6. DEK Says:

    You speak of kids in the plural. I suspect the travel experience is different for any only child. Having no siblings to mediate the experience, nor games to distract me, I had to amuse myself with the world around me when I traveled with my parents. I wonder if this may be part of the reason why trips taken a lifetime ago are still vivid in my memory.

  7. Simone Says:

    Travel gives kids the chance to experience different ways of life and cultures that they simply cannot understand properly from books, tv and computers – my experience anyway.