Watch television from around the world on your computer

If there’s soft porn on the mounted television in your hotel room on a weekday afternoon, it must be Italy.

Which is kind of gross, but surprises like that are part of the fun of traveling. So I love watching a little local t.v. wherever I go. And I love wwwiTV, streaming live broadcasts of 2471 television stations from just about everywhere, 24/7.

It’s cool, and addictive. In a quick around-the-world browsing tour of I found live coverage of the Icelandic Senate (out of session when I peeked in – interesting, though, that their chamber is about as big as your average third grade classroom), and music videos from Iraq and Israel. And Panama. And …uh, actually, it’s hard to find anything but music videos. And news. Sometimes…no, wait…usually on the same channel. Awesome.

To view most channels you just need a standard media player (Windows Media Player works fine). Channels are browsable by country and by genre. No, there’s no Italian porn channel.

There is, however, a Greek channel broadcasting from Florida. And 27 channels from Romania; which, since I’m off for Bucharest tomorrow, I’m all over.

La revedere! (Goodbye!)

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