Warmshowers, hospitality for touring cyclists

If you’re a fan of alternative hostel sources, you might already be familiar with Couchsurfing, the wonderful website where I’ve found both one of my best friends and a place to live here in Perth.

But if you’re a touring cyclist, and you’re looking for a place to lay your wheels while you’re biking across a country or four, try WarmShowers, the “community of bike tourists.”  The website offers the opportunity for bicycle travelers to meet other travelers like themselves, find places to stay, repair shops, and other off-the-beaten-path options.  the website is available in Portuguese, French, and Spanish as well as English, and is also available as an iPhone app.

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  1. Nate Robert Says:

    You’re in Perth, Australia? If you would like to catch up with a local blogger, send me a message either at http://www.noplanes.com or http://www.6000times.com (second blog focused on inner city Perth).

  2. tullibo Says:

    @nate robert…. 6000times.com is very cool site! nice work, im from perth but living in sydney, heading back tomorrow for a day on business actually….weird seeing perth people in the location independent community online

  3. Rolf Potts Says:

    I’m in the US at this month, but Claire Litton — who wrote this post for Vagablogging — is studying in Perth at the moment…

  4. Nicolaï Says:

    Please note that while bike touring, you can find warm showers on the fly from strangers. Just pull up into town, riding up to people working outside in the yard. Explain your tour in 10 words or less and ask if you can pitch your tent in their backyard (don’t ask for or expect more than this). Without being asked, most people will not only give you a place to pitch your tent, but also offer a warm dinner (and breakfast!) and shower. Be sure to offer something in return for their generosity.

    Warm Showers is a nice resource, but it’s not suited for vagabonding. You can’t make decisions on the fly and it comes with various limits. Still, it’s a good resource to have. It’s just not vagabonding, is all.

  5. Claire Litton Says:

    sorry guys, for some reason i missed seeing the comments for this post. ROLF is not in perth. i am in perth. and am i allowed to contact you through your blog?