Want some free travel wickedness?

I admit it, I have been lacking a few posts and overall been bogged down with work (yes, work, because even to sustain a life abroad we need some, in a form or the other), and I beg your pardon. To start off the New Year right, I believe you might love reading some quirky, wicked travel narratives from around the world.

You might take this as a shameless example of self-promotion, but the third issue of Wicked World, an alternative digital magazine I edit with British travel writer Tom Coote, is finally available as a great eye candy: just love the gloriously wicked Ethiopian Mursi warrior on the cover!!

As well as a range of alternative travel articles and photo features, for the first time we have also included some travel related fiction. At one end of the story telling scale, is a traditional Moroccan folk tale, The Red Lantern, selected by Richard Hamilton. In a more contemporary vein, where the lines between fact and fiction blur, we are also showcasing The Death Kiss of a King Cobra Show by Jim Algie.

At the reportage end of the travel writing spectrum, in Barbed Wire Scars, Marcello Di Cintio encounters desperate African migrants determined to make their way across the razor wired walls at Ceuta, in the hope of making it to the promised land of Europe. Equally contemporary, E T Laing investigates recent political upheavals in Bangladesh in A Savage Fundamentalism.

Two articles that deal with some of the less comfortable aspects of the modern travel experience are Mursi Dreams – in which James Michael Dorsey, recalls a visit to the inaccessible and yet increasingly touristed South Omo region of Ethiopia – and Gili Air is a Feeding Frenzy by Taiwan based musician and writer, Joe Henley.

Andrew Thompson’s The Old Man and the Sea takes on the travel writing form of a literary pilgrimage, as he retraces Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps in northern Peru, meeting up with some of the characters who spent time with the legendary writer in the 1950s.

Further exploring the full range of travel writing styles, in The World through Graphic Novels: Persepolis, Pyongyang and Palestine, Tom Coote looks into some of the best travel related writing to have taken the form of the graphic novel.

As Kurdistan in northern Iraq is becoming increasingly accessible to independent travellers, we have also included a more photography based travel feature in Kurdistan: A Nation Emerges.

I hope you like what you see. And if you feel like you have something worthwhile and relevant to contribute to the Wicked World project, or would simply like to know more, then feel free to contact either marco@wickedworld.net or tom@wickedworld.net.

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