Voices needed for Vagabonding audiobook

vgbTen years after its initial debut in paper form, Vagabonding is set to go into an audiobook edition this fall. I’ve recorded the main text, but now I need to add some new “Vagabonding Voices”.

If you’re interested in possibly appearing as a Vagabonding Voice in the audiobook, start by sending me, as text in the body of an email (rolf@rolfpotts.com), no more than 150 words (less is better, actually) of insight, per topic, on one or more of the following topics:

2: Making the decision to go, and earning your freedom
3: Simplicity, and saving for the trip
4: Planning and preparing for the journey
5: Getting started, slowing down, going your own way
6: The importance of interacting with people on the road
7: Seeking a more nuanced definition of “adventure”
8: Keeping it real, avoiding pretentiousness and false expectations
9: Working, volunteering, and mixing things up on the road
10: The spiritual-existential aspects of travel

Note that each topic is pegged to a specific chapter in Vagabonding; thus it’s a good idea to re-read the book to get a sense for what I’m looking for.

Deadline is July 26th. Feel free to submit insights for more than one chapter, but keep the word-count under 150 for each. Be sure to include your name, age, hometown, and profession in your submission (see Vagabonding Voices examples in the print version of Vagabonding).

Once the deadline has passed, I will choose 10-12 finalists for each chapter and solicit audio recordings (along with instructions for how to record and upload your audio). From these finalists, 3-4 audio outtakes for each chapter will make it into the audiobook.

I can’t offer payment to those who make the final cut, but I will give you and/or your blogs a shout-out online (and, of course, you’ll have an audio-contributor appearance in the book). If you don’t hear back from me by the beginning of August, this likely means my editors and I haven’t chosen your insights for the book.

Again: Send text first, by email, 150 words or less per chapter-insight, deadline July 26th.

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6 Responses to “Voices needed for Vagabonding audiobook”

  1. N. Chrystine Olson Says:

    For Chapter 7: “Working, Volunteering and Mixing Things Up on the Road”

    I’d brought my own fencing pliers to Mkhaya. A sturdy set costing more than a ranger’s weekly pay. Crimped hammer on one side, hook for pulling staples on the other, wire cutters/pliers balanced in-between. Two forged pieces of metal secured with a single bolt cover with red rubber cover on each handle for cushion. As an ex-federal government cowgirl I knew it didn’t matter whether the range supported cattle, horses, bison or rhinoceros, wire must be strung, cut and manipulated to keep ’em where you want ’em. The pliers were used on every project: fencing hippos out of a sugar plantation pond, building a hyena trap, repairing our flimsy wooden shower when the “Ecocamp Rhinos” tried to break in. Rangers would fight over who got them each day. Only one thing to do once I got home: send a set back to Swazi for everyone.

    N. Chrystine Olson
    Cookeville, Tennessee
    Retired Rangeland Specialist for US Forest Service

  2. Ezra Says:

    This sounds like an interesting idea for a new audiobook Rolf. I have yet to go on long term travelling because I’m still saving, don’t I’m qualified as of yet, but I will keep a look out for the audiobook’s progress

  3. Andrea Says:

    Can’t wait to listen to VGB in audio form. I read VGB twice in a row, and since next year me and wife will be off for a RTW, it comes at the right moment! Fourth time for me, first for wife.
    I guess it’ll be out before Xmas, can’t wait to play it in my car on my way to the Balkans’ ski sorts (-:D

  4. Andrea Says:

    That was ski REsorts (-:D keep up the great work Rolf!

  5. Jimmy Naraine Says:

    Hi Rolf,

    You specified that the deadline is on 26th July. However, I just want to make sure: are you still accepting submissions?

    Keep up great work,

  6. Rolf Potts Says:

    Hey Jimmy — the deadline has passed, and the winning submissions have been recorded. Keep an eye out for the audiobook later this year!