Vagabonding to not-Vagabonding: Handling the transition

This is my last month of living in Spain. An adventure that was supposed to be for 6-months, lasted 2.5 years. And it’s been fantastic. It’s the beauty of letting life take you where it wants to. As long as it feels right, it’s all okay.

I used to have a very high-stressed corporate life, which I enjoyed abundantly. But at the age of 26, with 4-years of solid work experience under my belt, I was burnt out. Completely. So I quit everything and moved to Spain.

I’ve recovered, grown, matured, and bloomed — all in ways I’d never have predicted. I traveled as much as I could (but of course, not enough. It’s NEVER enough!), made some wonderful friends, and learnt a new language. Taught English, and blogged.

But, for the last few months I’ve had the “corporate-itch” again. I thought I was done with it, would never go back to it. But I started to miss working in a team, being part of an agency, tackling business problems, strategising, inventing business models, etc, etc. Can you believe it? I can’t.

So after a few failed attempts to get some sort of professional grounding here, I’ve finally made the decision to head back to Dubai and get sucked into the corporate world.

I’m really very okay with the decision. I have been lucky to get a great opportunity in Social Media, so career wise it’s the best decision. But I have started to wonder: Why am I choosing a high-stress corporate job over a relaxed life in a foreign country? Maybe because I’ve had enough of it? Maybe because I need some more concrete mental stimulation? Maybe because I don’t want to live like a student anymore? Maybe *gasp* I want some sort of stability!? I really don’t know, and nor do I know how long I will last after being out of the madness for almost 3-years.

I’m sad to end this wonderful chapter of my life, but am excited about change and new opportunities. Before, change and new opportunities translated to new city, new travel, new adventure; now it has translated to a “real job” and some stability. Has it got to do with age? Maybe I need to do this so that a few years later I can take another break (?).

I’m going back to the same company I used to work for before I moved to Spain. I’m afraid that I’m going to rock up at the office, sit at my desk, and wonder: Did I really just spend 3 years on the road? Or was I in a vagabonding-coma of some sorts?

I’m already on fragile emotional strings, pretty much like I was when I first decided to quit everything and live abroad. I’m trying not to think too much about the changes ahead of me. I am wondering how I will handle them though. And for how long. I will keep you posted.

Any of you in the same boat? Or have experienced the same recently? How did you deal with it all?

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3 Responses to “Vagabonding to not-Vagabonding: Handling the transition”

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  2. jquaglia Says:

    Thanks for the commentary about being of fragile emotions both now AND right before you moved to Spain. I too am 26, have worked in the corporate world for nearly 4 years, and am ready to get the heck out.

    You read many travel writers and vagabond types who seem so strong, confident, and comfortable in their choice to live abroad or simply on the road. It’s nice to hear that this isn’t a simple decision for someone who has successfully pulled it off. I just need a bit more confidence to make it happen for myself and get rid of my job, mortgage, car payments, etc., therein convincing myself that the above does not necessarily equal “real life.”