Vagabonding as a rock musician: a step by step guide. Post #4: How to choose where to tour

This article is the fourth in a series of posts explaining how to bring your music on the road and get to travel with it. Read the series’ introduction , Post#1 , Post # 2 and Post #3 

In the last article of this series  I mentioned that a band may decide to book their own tours, by themselves, using their … Read more »

When students go global

The rising fortunes of the emerging economies and the lowering of barriers have given students a whole world of educational opportunities. Governments are investing in improving facilities at home. Meanwhile, students impatient to get ahead are already applying to overseas schools in droves, as this TechCrunch article explains: The Global Education Race.

Studying abroad is becoming a realistic option for more and more people. To be fair, there are still hurdles to overcome, such … Read more »

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STA’s summer 2010 interns


Several months ago, Vagablogging reminded readers that STA travel was again accepting applications for their Summer Intern Positions and encouraged everyone to get out there and apply. Well, now the lucky winners have been chosen and have been on the road and reporting since the end of May.

This year’s itinerary is … Read more »

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Eurail passes: Great deal or big scam?

Train Office

Most travelers are familiar with the slew of European rail passes offered through Eurail or through your local STA agent. Travelers can purchase country specific passes, lump a few countries together on one pass, or even purchase a “global pass”.

Country specific passes are available for 17 European countries, allowing travelers to really … Read more »

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