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Ted Beatie Born with the soul of an adventurer, Ted Beatie is happiest when he’s off the beaten track. His favorite places include the Sahara desert, 100 feet underwater among the coral reefs of Fiji, and Burning Man. While he calls himself a diver, firedancer, aerial acrobat, actor, technologist and cyclist, his true passion is showing people a side of the world that they didn’t realize was there, through photography and writing. He is active on Facebook and Twitter, and maintains a travel blog and photo gallery at The Pocket Explorer. His email is ted |at| He curates weekly Vagabonding Case Studies of real people going on, currently on, or returned from long term travel.
Marco Ferrarese Marco Ferrarese started vagabonding as a punk rock guitarist in Europe and the United States, hitting the most famous and infamous stages across the two continents. He has visited 40 countries and lived in Italy, the United States, China, Australia and presently in Penang, Malaysia. After one year spent teaching Italian and English in China, he overlanded from Mongolia to Melbourne, Australia, hopping on only one short flight. However, Southeast Asia is where his heart beats faster. An expert on the region, he has picked up an MA in English Linguistics along the way. He has written in Italian and English about travelling, the vagabonding lifesyle, and extreme rock music for his own blog, CnAdventure Blog, China Files, and most recently the Southeast Asia Globe. He is also the web editor for record labels Cruz del Sur Music and FOAD Records. He will soon start a PhD research on the antrophology of punk and metal in Southeast Asia at Monash University. In year 2012, Marco is overlanding from Asia to Europe. Contact him at info (at)
am Autumn la Bohème is a single mother of 2 who left her home in Austin Texas to disprove the word “impossible”. Always labeled a gypsy soul, she had a dream to live absolutely free, to travel with no geographical ties, to roam, to explore, and to make the world more real to her than the pictures she saw in books and magazines. She is a writer and online marketing manager for Bodhi Leaf Media (, a business that she started to fund her travels. She also documents life and travel on her blog She loves daydreaming, open skies, and listening to tales of other nomads and vagabonds on their journeys. Her children’s adventurous spirits have added to the excitement of their journey, and now they have their own list of areas to visit as they slowly explore Central and South America.
Jennifer Miller was born on a gypsy wind and spent her childhood exploring North and Central America, building log cabins in the woods and sailing the blue waters of lakes and oceans. A teacher by training and a writer by birth, Jenn is passionate about living life to the fullest, dreaming big dreams, and encouraging others to do the same. Along with her husband and four, wild, adventurer children, they are in their fifth year of an open-ended world tour. They’ve ridden their bicycles from London, UK to North Africa and back, thoroughly road-tripped North and Central America, gone deep instead of wide for six months in Guatemala and are currently exploring Southeast Asia with their backpacks. When she’s not hand-washing for six in a hostel shower, hiking a volcano or cooking dinner for a huge tribe of backpackers, she can be found laughing with friends on the coast of the Andaman Sea, swing dancing by starlight or laying awake all night just to listen to the natives drumming.
James Ullrich is a freelance travel writer living in Seattle. His work has been commissioned and published in nationally distributed publications including The New York Examiner, World War II Magazine, Aviation History Magazine, Renaissance, and Global Aviator. He’s also contributed travel guide material on popular websites and blogs including Travel Addict, Vagabondish, Compass, InTravel, and Writer Abroad. Originally from Chicago, he’s previously been the Chief Managing Staff Writer for the Chicago Music Guide and served graduate internships in the Political Affairs Office of the US Embassy in London and the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence. He’s completed his first novel, a thriller set in Prague, and is weighing his publishing options. Currently he’s finishing his second novel (about a travel writer, of course). In his free time he enjoys wandering through Europe with a backpack. He can be reached at

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