Vagablogging: Call for writers

Want to write for Vagablogging?

We’re looking for one dedicated individual to post once or twice a week about any vagabonding-related topic of their choice, from travel gear to destinations to literature. The ideal writer will be familiar with Rolf’s book Vagabonding and/or the philosophy behind it.

Though the position is unpaid, it really is a great opportunity to establish contacts and get your feet wet in the travel writing world. Several writers have moved on to paid positions after writing for Vagablogging, and now– I can tell you from personal experience– they’re really raking in the dough.

So if you’d like to write for Vagablogging, please send two previously unpublished sample posts (200+ words each) to aaronhotfelder (at) gmail (dot) com. Also be sure to include a little bit about yourself, like where you’re from, your biggest travel highlights, and anything else you think we should know.

To get an idea what we’re looking for in terms of content and style, take a look at the archives. The best posts are those that are informative in nature and conversational in tone. The deadline for submitting is July 25, which is also, coincidentally enough, my last day at Vagablogging. Please don’t cry.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the Comments or contact me at the above address.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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4 Responses to “Vagablogging: Call for writers”

  1. Barry McCullough Says:

    Passionately interested in and have travelled throughout Peru. Activily writing more and more. I’m also a published author. Like your approach. Lot’s more info on my website. Have designed and written the site and all of the main websites in the links area.

    Check it out – I might be the ONE (to the sound of Rage against the Machine).


  2. chris nelson Says:

    We travelled a loop of 30 states and three Canadian provinces from July 07 to May 08 and kept a blog of the journey. What I think was rather remarkable about us is that we did it on straight veggie oil and on a $40 a day budget, with the eyes of folks who love the planet and want to preserve it. Check out the veggievoyager archives.
    Chris and Michael

  3. erika okumura Says:

    Vagabond Poi-dog in Spain, interested in writing for vagabond travelblog.

  4. Liza Di Georgina Says:

    Hi, I am a published author as well, I have published 10 books plus the collective ones. My third book was about my trips to Europe although it was a novel. I have been to France, Italy, Sapin, Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, England, as well as Egypt, Canada and Mexico. I migh be the other ONE 😛 lol