Traveling safely with children

The Andrus family traveled the world with four children, and a Kiwi Family is preparing to embark on a round the world journey with eight kids in tow. For these families and other traveling families, the biggest concern is often how to keep the smallest family members safe on such a journey.

Outpost Online recently ran an article about traveling with infants and young children, with travel tips for families.

Danielle and Chris Chopik were interviewed, after they took their eight month old son to Guatemala.
Why travel with such a small child? “We are travelers and we are parents- these choices co-exist,” said the Chopiks.

They spent a great deal of time preparing contingency plans for a wide range of problems and ended up dealing with only a minor case of heat rash on little Levi.

Having limited exposure to illnesses, children are more susceptible to become ill on the road. The fact that they are constantly touching things and putting their little hands in their mouths or eyes does not help the fact.

Children who have diarrhea can dehydrate very quickly and what was originally a minor case of Delhi Belly can become a life threatening condition. That is why the Outpost article suggests traveling with oral rehydration packets, among other tips.

Check out the article here, complete with travel tips and parent interviews.

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  1. Jeanne Says:

    I am so glad that you have posted this as it is an important topic.

    We are a little over a year into an open ended multi-year trip around the world with a daughter who was 5 when we started, so we had to deal with these issues.

    So far it has been very easy, even in Africa and rural Turkey. We have had no problems, except one black eye from a pool.

    There is a great old book called “Your child’s Health Abroad” written by two UK doctors who travelled extensively with young children.

    People do need to be educated and aware when traveling with young children, expecially in third world countries, but the rewards are more than worth it!!