Traveling low-res, or a digital detox

Unplug yourself (image from Adbusters)

We all have so many little gadgets that travel with us every day.  We have mobile phones, which may or may not have internet enabled on them.  Maybe we also have mp3 players to throw in our bags as well.  Perhaps there’s a personal organizer or diary of somekind too…if you haven’t been able to afford a gadget that has one already embedded (can anyone say “iPhone”?).  Wanna Skype your friends and family?  A webcam will come in handy.  There might be wifi in every cafe, a laptop in your bag, a miniature folding keyboard in your pocket, and a Facebook update on your mind when you catch a glimpse of that next cool cathedral.

So what about leaving all that junk behind and going on a bit of a digital detox?  I have some friends who are off for a five week trip around Europe and doing it old school…meaning no phones except for emergencies (cause they cost so much to use overseas), not too many internet cafes, definitely no laptops, and the freedom and peace of mind that comes from not carrying $2000 worth of valuable electronic equipment with you on a trip.  You might also enjoy things more if you don’t see them through the lens of every blog post, status update, and tweet you can make.  Imagine a digital-free trip.  What would it be like?

For extra special bonus points, try traveling with no TV.  Imagine the space in your evening to go for a wander, meet new friends, or just listen to the honk and bustle of traffic on the street.  They don’t call it an idiot box for nothing.

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5 Responses to “Traveling low-res, or a digital detox”

  1. Carlo Pecchia Says:

    Nice post…
    We should “detox” also when not traveling at all: being less “connected” in ordinary day-by-day live should be a great thing!

  2. Zack Says:

    I definitely agree. UNPLUG. We’re so addicted to being plugged in these days that it seems weird to go without that stuff, but man it’s so freeing. It wasn’t even that long ago that that’s how everyone traveled. It’s crazy how quickly everything is changing. Just give it a shot.

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  5. Mat Says:

    Definitely agree. My wife and I are planning a 6 month trip to SE Asia, and she’s forcing me to detox. She’s good like that. 🙂