Travel Off The Cuff?

With the explosion of travel-websites and blogs, I wasn’t surprised when I came across website “Travel Off The Cuff” — a Digg or Stumble Upon type site, exclusively for travel.

The site is simple: a section on popular reader submitted travel-news stories, a blog, and a section called News On Standby, where it looks like the site founder — a certain Mark — scouts the Internet and posts a selection of the latest travel articles. Not quite sure why it’s called News On Standby though.

I think the idea has merit, sites that aggregate industry news and highlight popular stories are great.

My issue with this website is that I can’t figure out what it has to do with travel off the cuff. It promises information on what to do in places when you travel and haven’t planned your days, but other than a few sporadic travel-blog postings, there is no such relevant information. Nor is it a social website. How do I meet people? In the comments section?

Why do new websites do this? This guy is probably the first to 1) have a “Digg” type site only for travel 2) offer information dedicated to traveling off the cuff. Why would he launch it without offering the entire point of the site? Maybe I wasn’t supposed to stumble on it.

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