Things you can’t miss in NZ

On May 18th, 2016

New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, is full of epic mountain vistas, rolling green hillside, and azure colored lakes.

New Zealand respects their land, and rare ecosystem more than any other country I’ve visited.

Overall, New Zealand is hands down one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world.

Here are some of my favorite New Zealand points of interest, and experiences you simply can’t miss on your visit to these stunning Islands.


The biggest city in the country has a population of only 1.5 million people. Auckland is known as the city of sails because, and it is said that one in four residents in Auckland own a boat. Of course, this means it has an incredible harbor to explore, great seafood, and some quaint little shops. Auckland is a big city but certain parts still retains a small town feel.

The Shire

For Lord of the Rings fans, like myself, this is one place you simply cannot miss. Wandering the green hills of Hobbiton, and the shire is a fantastic way to spend a few hours in New Zealand.

The only way to visit Hobbiton is by purchasing a 2-hour tour. It isn’t the cheapest thing to do in New Zealand so I would only recommend visiting if you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece.


Queenstown Flights

Queenstown is my favorite city in New Zealand. The city is in the shadow of the Remarkables, a towering mountain range that is world renowned for it’s snowboarding and skiing. The downtown area of Queenstown has a small ski town feel about it and has a friendly atmosphere.

Queenstown is home to Fergburger, and Devil Burger which travels guides have called the best Hamburgers in the world.
Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world. There are hundreds of adventures to do in and around the city. Want a death-defying boat ride? Queenstown has it. Want to do one of the biggest bungees jumps in the world? Easy, just head to the Nevis right outside the city. You’ll never get bored in Queenstown. And it is a city I fall more and more in love with every time I visit.


Wanaka has a lot of the same adventures that Queenstown offers. You can skydive, fly stunt planes, or just relax under the trees by the lake. Wanaka doesn’t have the ski town feel like Queenstown. Instead, the city has a small town and homey feel to it. Whether you are looking to escape the crowds, skiing, and snowboarding, adrenaline filled adventures or place to recharge your travel batteries Wanaka is an excellent choice.

New Zealand is a country that offers epic adventures, unforgettable landscapes, and memorable experiences. A few of my favorite experiences that I highly recommend to anyone visiting New Zealand are swimming with wild Dolphins in Kaikoura, the Tongariro Crossing in Tongariro National Park, and Kayaking to private beaches in the Bay of Islands.
New Zealand is a land of beauty and adventure. It is a country that always has you guessing what is on the other side of the horizon.These are some of my favorites places and experiences when visiting New Zealand. However, these are only a fraction of the cool places to see and visit. Some more places to check out are Frans Joseph, Wellington, Christchurch, Tekapo, and Taupo.

Stephen Schreck is a long term traveler completely in love with the beauty of New Zealand. He is traveling around the country for a year. You can check out his New Zealand photos on his travel Instagram, or Facebook page.