There’s never a perfect time

“I just graduated from college.”
“We just bought a house.”
“We just had a kid.”
“My son just started middle school.”
“I just started a new job.”

“Now just isn’t the right time.”

We’ve all heard it. Hell, we’ve all probably said it.

When making any decision that will result in a drastic lifestyle change, “Now just isn’t the right time” is an easy sentence to utter. Change can be hard. And even if you are really unhappy with your current lot in life, changing that is much easier said than done.

“Now just isn’t a right time” is actually a true statement in most of those cases.

But here’s some more truth for you:

There will never be a perfect time to make that change you so desperately want to make.

Whether it’s leaving a comfortable life to travel the world or finally quitting that job that makes you miserable, at some point, you’re going to just have to bite the bullet and do it.

There will always be an excuse not to do it. There will always be a reason to rationalize staying in your current situation. There will never be a checklist of items for you to tick off and say, “Well, everything’s done now, so we can go ahead and do it (whatever ‘it’ may be).”

Maybe you need a kick in the pants? Maybe you need someone, or better yet, a group of people, who have been in your exact situation?

The beauty of the age we live in is that we’re not bound by the walls of our house anymore. We aren’t limited to the city, state, province, country, or even continent we live in.

The world is literally at our fingertips.

And if traveling the world is something you’ve dreamed of doing but have always said, “Now just isn’t the right time,” then maybe you should reach out to others who have made it happen?

There are countless blogs and websites out there that provide inspiration, tips, and advice for how to go about vagabonding. But BootsnAll is one of the oldest and largest communities out there that deals solely with long-term travel. If you’re looking for more than that 1 or 2 week vacation but don’t know where to begin, or you don’t have the support network at home to make it happen, then join us.

Our goal is to help you stop making excuses and make your travel dreams a reality.

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One Response to “There’s never a perfect time”

  1. Nathan K Smith Says:

    I’m the king “now is not the right time” 🙂 We just bought a house, have two kids, I’m busy at work, afraid of what will be when we came back, etc… However I’m burnt out and could use a mini-retirement. It’s time to do this! Thanks for the encouragement.