The 2010 All Asia Pass

Quite a few vagabonders that I’ve talked to in the last couple of months are Asia-bound this year, so this promotion just announced by Cathay Pacific may offer some interesting travel options from the U.S.

Hong Kong

The 2010 All Asia Pass, starting at $1599, not including $180 in taxes. This package includes round-trip air fare from LAX, SFO, or NYC to Hong Kong, with two stopovers at any of 42 basic destinations. There are of course some caveats and addons to this that increase the fare, such as;

  • Originating in other US cities
  • Traveling between May 18 and Aug. 16
  • Staying longer than 3 weeks (there are both 30 and 90 day options)
  • Adding more stopovers
  • Extending reach beyond basic cities


One should certainly price other options when planning your Asia travel, but there could be savings to be found with this promotion. The best thing about it is that they are running it all year, until Dec. 7, until seats run out.

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