Swiss bomb shelter “No Star Hotel” slashes rates

Times really are tough. According to The Daily Telegraph, the Null Stern Hotel (meaning “No Star Hotel” in German) has slashed rates to £5.99 for a night in the old Swiss bomb shelter, located in Teufen.

The hotel provides a shared room with no windows, no central heating (though they do provide hot water bottles), little hot water, and a forced wake-up call at 7:00 a.m. One perk is that it is safe from nuclear fallout. Rooms with more privacy can be reserved on the website for 25-30 Swiss Francs.

Originally an artists’ project, the hotel opened to the public last month, toted as “the ultimate in no frills luxury”. Patrick Riklin is one of the pair of brothers who owns the hotel. He told The Daily Telegraph, “It’s the antithesis of the luxury and megalomania of the times in which we live.”

For a peek inside, check out “Null Star Hotel – the first trial” from Video Artwork, “Null Star Hotel – the second trial” on YouTube and coverage on CNN International.

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