Special October 2012 fares for multi-stop tickets on BootsnAll

This past week on BootsnAll, we focused on the idea of career breaks, a movement that has been gaining steam in the United States over the last decade, but one that is still quite foreign to most of the population.

Our friends over at Meet, Plan, Go are gearing up for their third annual nation-wide event on October 16, 2012, in 10 cities across North America, where they promote the idea of career break travel and help others realize that this isn’t such a far-fetched idea.

The Inside Scoop on Career Breaks has many of the Meet, Plan, Go! hosts discussing what it was about their career break that has changed their lives.  In Why a Gap Year Should Come to America, author Katie Aune, who just returned from a year + long career break adventure through all the former countries of the Soviet Union, talks about why it would be beneficial for the United States to adopt the idea of taking a career break.

If you are interested in the idea of taking a break from your job to travel the world, then check out the city closest to you and get your tickets for the third annual Meet, Plan, Go! event:

If you are ready to take a career break and hit the road, then check out these five fares that we’ve found on Indie, BootsnAll’s Multi-Stop Trip Planner:

  • Iconic City RTW – $2085 – New York City > Paris > Singapore > New York City – $2085 taxes and fees included
  • Epic Wine Regions of the World RTW – $5785 – San Francisco > Auckland > Sydney >overland> Adelaide > Cape Town > Florence >overland> Bordeaux >overland> Lisbon > San Francisco from $5785 taxes and fees included
  • Ridiculous RTW – $9125 – Denver > Mexico City >overland> Panama City > Quito > Buenos Aires > Ushuaia > Auckland > Sydney > Bali > Manila > Hanoi >overland> Bangkok > Kathmandu > Delhi > Moscow > Berlin > London > Reykjavik > New York > Toronto > Denver from $9125 taxes and fees included
  • Circle Asia from London – $1635 – London > Moscow > Beijing > Delhi > London from $1635taxes and fees included
  • Around the World from Sydney – $3423 – Sydney > Honolulu > San Francisco > New York > Barcelona >overland> Rome > Mumbai >overland> Delhi > Bali > Sydney from $3423 taxes and fees included

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