Special December 2011 fares for multi-stop tickets on BootsnAll

Trying to figure out how much a RTW trip is going to cost is one of the biggest hurdles for potential long-term travelers. There are so many factors to consider when you first sit down to tackle that travel budget.

Are you going to buy a RTW plane ticket or point to point tickets? Hotels, hostels, or couchsurfing? Street food, cooking your own, or restaurants? Overland travel or budget flights? The decisions on any of these could have a major effect on your RTW budget.

While all these factors have an impact on how much you will spend, when you are planning a trip of this magnitude, the most important part is being honest with yourself. It’s crucial to be realistic about what type of traveler you are. If you really don’t like sleeping in the same room with others, then you probably don’t want to budget for hostel dorms. If you’ve never taken an overnight bus or train trip before while traveling, you may want to test it out first before budgeting for overland travels for your entire trip. If you know that you’ll go crazy without an occasional nice meal out at a restaurant, then build in extra money for those splurges.

The biggest expense on your trip is most likely going to be your airfare. You may want to start keeping an eye on special RTW plane ticket fares. BootsnAll has monthly deals that can take you all over the world, so be sure to check out the following deals, which are good through December 31, 2011:

  • Far and Wide: Los Angeles – Nadi (Fiji) – Auckland – Bangkok – Paris – London – Los Angeles from US$2249 plus taxes
  • Only in South America: Miami – Bogota – Lima – La Paz – Santiago – Buenos Aires – Sao Paulo – Miami¬† from US$1539 plus taxes
  • Where in the World: New York – Windhoek – Madrid – Kuala Lumpur – Zurich – Bridgetown – New York¬†from US$3190 plus taxes


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