So much for traveling light

Trolley full of luggageBecoming even a part-time expat with a home in a developing country can change your travel style. If you’re in the midst of building, your bags may be stuffed with power tools, hurricane ties and various pieces used to put your home together. If you’re living in a completed structure, your luggage may contain replacement parts for appliances and those little things to make life more comfortable.

That’s not to say we try to recreate our lives back home when we’re living abroad. We shop locally, adopt a more relaxed lifestyle without a lot of “things” and sometimes choose to do without. But the simple fact is that we just can’t find some things we need in our new home.

Once my husband and I bought property in Honduras, we took note of airline baggage weight limitations, and haven’t traveled there with less than a backpack, waterproof duffel bag and a huge trunk. At this moment, our home’s foundation is halfway done. We’re not rushing the building because we’re only doing it in stages—as we can afford it. Regardless, there’s always something to bring in order to aid the construction.

One day I look forward to traveling to Honduras with just a backpack. For now, I have to cherish my trips to other destinations when I can get away with packing light.

If you’re contemplating expat life, check out the resources listed by Transitions Abroad to start you on your way. Making connections with folks who have gone through the same situations you’ll be facing can be of great help. That way, when you’re packing your bags, you’ll know just what to bring.

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