Rolf interviewed at Frommer’s…and Frommer’s

In recent days, I have talked about Vagabonding on two different national broadcasts — both of them through the Frommer’s travel publishing company.

First, on Sunday, I spoke with Arthur and Pauline Frommer on their radio Travel Show. Topics covered included the importance of work to any vagabonding journey, the cheapest regions of the world to travel these days, the inherent safety that comes with vagabonding in local economies, and the joys of traveling slow. Mp3 of this broadcast is available here (and the vagabonding segment covers the first ten minutes).

Then, this morning, talked travel with David Lytle for the podcast. Topics covered in this 20-minute chat included overcoming the language barrier while traveling, how literature inspires travel, keeping safe on the road, how to meet people in your travels, my new home-base in Kansas, my summer writing classes in Paris, and my recent efforts to learn how to dance in Latin America. Mp3 of this podcast is available here.

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