Revolutionary technological changes are not a new thing

“New devices, new methods, new machines to make new products, new proofs of the power of the human mind to conceive and the human hand to construct instruments with which to conquer the forces of nature and bring them to the service of humanity — these are the characteristics of the age we live in. Never have the creative forces of mankind moved so fast as in the lifetime of us who are now on earth. Never before have there been so many people in the world eager to know what the world is doing, and how it is doing it.”
–Frank Parker Stockbridge, “Comment and Review,” Popular Mechanics, April 1913

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  1. Roger Says:

    This is a rather surprising and illuminating quote for 100 years ago, but every generation seems to think something like this, along similar lines. But how quickly we seem to adopt the next new thing, and look back bemused, at things in our life just a few years ago. No sooner has 2013 come around and we are looking at last year like it was “so 2012.”

  2. DEK Says:

    A question for us, I suppose, might be whether the values we attach to travel — which were the product of a time when travel was difficult, information was scarce and costly and cultures were markedly different — are still desirable ones in an age when these conditions no longer obtain.