Popular repurposing tricks

Does a roll of duct tape always find its way into your suitcase? Are you a jury-rig master? Unless you travel in a bubble where stores are always nearby, open and have absolutely everything you need, you’ve likely had to figure out how to repurpose something.

A recent Lifehacker article highlights the website’s most popular repurposing tricks of 2010. While some are a little over my non-geek head, others speak to my travel self, such as: turning a hoodie into a laptop bag, using nail polish to relieve an itchy mosquito bite, sealing plastic bags with old bottle caps and turning a film canister into a confetti bomb.

Fancy yourself a travel MacGyver? Share your best travel tricks in the comments section. Everyone, even the best at DIY, can use a new tip.

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2 Responses to “Popular repurposing tricks”

  1. Adriano Says:

    One of the things I often re-use are the small, plastic containers you find inside chocolate Easter eggs.
    They can contain vitamine pills or tiny objects, or even cloves (useful as an emergency remedy against toothache).
    Another all in one tool is the safety pin!!