Planning an Itinerary Around a Budget

We’ve mentioned several times before how common budget questions are when talking about long-term travel. Unless you’ve got a means for making money as you travel – whether through a web-based business or by taking odd jobs along the way – you’ll need to save up whatever you plan to live off of before you leave home. It’s not surprising this is a challenge for many people.

If you’re among the budget-challenged, then, does this mean you can’t take a RTW trip? Some have discussed taking out loans in order to travel (a practice frowned upon by Vagablogging readers), but if that’s not an appealing option you aren’t necessarily stuck at home.

By choosing an itinerary based around how much money you’ll spend in each place, you can make your travel budget last much longer. Yes, this can mean not including big-name destinations like the ones in Europe, but if the point is to travel and you aren’t so focused on where you travel, it’s a much more budget-friendly option. A recent BootsnAll article listed 5 countries you can visit for under $500, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Colombia, and another article featured 8 places that are cheap to visit once you get there.

Another thing to be aware of is that no matter where you go there are often free attractions and activities you can do – some of them will be among the main tourist sights in a place, while others will help you get off that beaten path we’re all so used to hearing about. This article listed 10 free ways to discover a destination, including finding the free museums, free walking tours, free outdoor concerts and movies, or the free festivals going on.

The bottom line is that not only do you not have to go into deep debt in order to take a long-term trip, you also don’t have to save up tens of thousands of dollars to make it happen, either. This month’s Round the World Ticket Watch newsletter focuses on budget-friendly destinations you can add to your RTW itinerary, so sign up in order to get that delivered to your inbox.

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    Nice article, good topic. But I have to say that even Europe can be a very cheap destination. Of course a flight to Europe is never really cheap. But tourism hotspots like Berlin, Warsaw or Budapest let you enjoy your holidays for cheap with hostels and camp grounds letting you stay for under 15$, great food for less than 5$ and flights throughout Europe for less than 40$!

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